Why Health Card Becomes So Essential?

Medical emergencies can occur anytime without any warnings. Take the COVID-19 scenario for example. It gave proof to the belief that medical emergencies are unpredictable in nature and can occur leading to financial disbalance. This can be a difficult thing to handle. It emphasized the need to have a good health plan for yourselves and the family. 

Subsequently, sudden medical expenses can occur which is much of a liability to the finances of the family. Hence, it becomes very vital to have a health plan. In today’s digitalized world, a new product is taking prominence. It is referred to as a Health card

Why is it Essential to Possess a Health Card?

Physical and mental health needs to take priority over every other expenditure in our lives. It comes unannounced and is unpredictable in nature. If you have health insurance it is good. Nowadays, you also have the option to opt for a health card. Many companies provide this service. Bajaj Finserv is one of them 

Protection of your family

While choosing your health card, you can ideally choose a health plan with family coverage. It would be better and easier to opt for family coverage as you will not have to buy individual policies for each family member then. A properly selected family health plan will take care of your dependent children and your aging parent 

Help Fights Health Issues

The health care provider has tie-ups with thousands of medical centers, pharmacies, and diagnostics for treating hundreds of health issues and ailments. With one health card, the treatment of any of these ailments can be financially dealt with. A few of the health issues it takes care of are heart diseases, tooth problems like root canal treatment, pregnancy-related illnesses, skincare, etc. These cards will also cover up the regular medical tests that you should undertake to keep your health in check. 

Lifestyle Diseases

In today’s world lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases have taken prominence. People above the age of 40 should cautiously take care of their health. These are due to many factors like a sedentary lifestyle, no exercising, eating junk food, and irregular sleep habits. When these health issues arise, it will definitely lead to a financial burden. Hence, taking possession of a health card from before will help you financially in such uncertain times. You can concentrate on getting healed or taking care of the family member who is ill rather than having financial worries during those times. 

Increase the Coverage LImit if Necessary

You have opted for a particular health plan while applying for a health card. Choose the plan after proper consideration of your needs. Some plans just cover the basic ailments while other plans will cover a range of ailments. Also, you need to focus if you are taking an individual health plan or a family health plan while buying your health card. Go through the website in detail and ask experts for intricate details. If what your had planned is not sufficient, then increase the coverage limit per necessity. Health plans companies will give you ample offers to choose from. 

Pay up In Easy EMIs

You have taken up a health card with a certain limit via a health plan of your choice. You have used it too. Now, you can pay the cost of expenditure in easy EMIs. Many service providers provide upto 24 months to pay out the expenditure in EMIs.

Better Manage Your Medical Emergencies

By buying a health card you can manage your medical emergencies better. You have a medical emergency. Your health card can pay for the services and treatment you need. You at that moment don’t need to arrange finances. Hence, a health card is very beneficial in this way. You don’t have to  break your savings to pay for the medical treatment. You can pay off the expenditure in easy EMIs. Your savings remain for what you had intended to save them for. 

Dealing With Increasing Medical Expenses

Medical expenses increase day by day. By having a health card, you will have funds ready to be used if some medical emergency crops up. Not only the services, the costs of medicines also increase. The number of medicines for a serious illness will be much more than regular health issues and cost much higher. A health card will be very much handy in such circumstances. You just need to pay for the joining fees for your health card and select a viable plan with a fixed pre-approved limit. 

The earlier you select the health card, the better it will be. As you grow older and the risks of health issues increase, you can opt for a plan with a higher pre-approved limit. Remember to renew your health card as and when it expires to avail the best benefit from it. We conclude by stating that health cards have really become an essential thing to consider and have in these times and age. 

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