Suffering From Anxiety Disorders? CBT Might Be the Answer

Have you been feeling bouts of “irrational” anxiety about things that always seemed like they were under control, or are you someone who has always been plagued by anxiety to a point it impacts your work-life balance? If the word “anxiety”, diagnosed or otherwise, sparks a tone of familiarity in you, you might be surprised as to what Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can do!

Archways employs strategies grounded in CBT to help you get better and live to the fullest. Our experience includes struggling children as young as 3 years old using a modified version of the CBT approach. Our work with adolescents and adults up to 70 years old have been highly fruitful!

Know About CBT First

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a kind of talk therapy that has consistently shown great results for anxiety and mood disorders. In CBT, our psychologists are interested in your feelings, thoughts, and behavioral patterns, especially how they act in tandem. We believe the way you feel changes according to the way you think.

In any situation that we encounter, we tend to make a series of assumptions in an effort to make sense of whatever is going on around us. Our assumptions are a natural response, based on our core values, past experiences, and general beliefs. These assumptions and thoughts guide the way we feel and act.

All of us possess an unique pair of lenses that help us view and make sense of the world around us, but when the same lenses become a bother in your everyday life, Archways can assist you in tweaking the lenses to make your thinking more balanced and realistic, and your behavior and feelings more reasonable in every situation. So, thoughts are essentially what the cognitive part of CBT deals with.

As for the behavioral aspect of CBT, we look at a number of factors influencing the issues you have been facing. Archways can help identify activities that will be useful and conducive to a positive lifestyle change, ultimately pulling you out of your depressive bout. We focus on teaching how to be more assertive and how to physically relax. Our gradual exposure theory approach tackles everything you fear, one at a time.

Our psychologists are specially trained in CBT, and their years of extensive experience has qualified them as active members of the Canadian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT). In our CBT sessions, you will learn to take an active part in asking questions, monitoring your behaviors and thought patterns, and working with new strategies at home. With CBT, you can get the know-how and the tools required to overcome obstacles and lead a more fulfilling life.

Does CBT Work Against Anxiety?

Definitely! Not one, but numerous anxiety-related conditions can be helped with CBT, and here is a brief look at some of them- generalized anxiety, health anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, shyness and social anxiety, separation anxiety, and phobias. Besides these, CBT also helps issues that aren’t quite but still close to what we know as “anxiety disorders,” such as- obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and insomnia.

If you have been trying to cope with any of these anxiety-related mental health issues, get in touch with our trained psychologists at Archways today!

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