Tow Truck: Do You Really Need It?

Tow trucks come useful when there’s an accident or a vehicle’s breakdown. Come to think of it, how exactly does it function? Are there different kinds of it? Is it necessary to have contacts with tow truck organizations? Find the answers out by hanging around.

The Working of A Tow Truck

When seen from afar, it seems like a few connections made between the truck and the vehicle to be carried are enough. Nevertheless, that’s not the case. It has its principles that it sticks to.

Connecting to The Bracket System

Tow trucks use a bracket system for easy towing. A large steel frame that is used to support the car that the truck is towing, is placed on the back of the tow truck. This method is the safest way as it requires little manual work from the driver. It is the quickest and most efficient way to tow a car. The use of hooks and chains ensures that the vehicle wouldn’t get damaged in the least.

Securing The Vehicle

The wheels of the car are fixed between the steel beams and then fastened in place with solid steel pins. This function uses machinery to lower and raise the steel beams, wholly known as the yolk.

The car is made to be intact for the yolk to be lowered. It is then directed into the yolk, to put the pins through the wheels and keep the car in place.

Fast And Safe

Working efficiently is necessary to keep the tow truck drivers safe. The only manual work the drivers are required to do is the fitting of pins through the yolk and the wheels properly. A tow truck driver who is well-versed in this field can wrap up the entire procedure in under a minute. With other towing techniques, locating the right spot to manually affix chains to the underside of the car can be a laborious process.

Weight of A Tow Truck

The weight of a tow truck relies on the kind of vehicles it is made to tow. Some trucks are used for towing manageable automobiles like cars, while other trucks are used for large segments of machinery and buses.

How heavy it can be is categorized into three sections:

  1. Light-duty tow trucks: These weigh in the range of 8000 lbs to 10000 lbs. These are the most common type of tow trucks that can be used to carry cars with ease.
  2. Medium-duty tow trucks: Their weight ranges from 10,001 lbs to 26,000 lbs. These are standard to some extent. Cars and trucks can be hauled with the help of this truck
  3. Heavy-duty tow trucks: This kind of tow truck weighs over 26,000 lbs. These trucks can be used to tow cars, but are ideally operated for huge automobiles, like construction machinery, buses, and other large-scale vehicles.

The Time Taken to Hook A Tow Truck Up

The period it generally takes to latch a tow truck also depends on the kind of truck it is, similar to its weight. The bracket system is standardized because of how easy it is to work with. It barely takes a minute to get towing done if the driver is proficient in his/her field of work.

Hook and chain tow trucks will presumably take more time to bolt up the vehicle they are hauling. More manual labor is required for this relatively. The tow truck driver cannot simply place the hook on a random portion of the car being towed. It is important to find a position on the bottom of the car that will be apt to support the pressure of the vehicle when the tow truck drags it.

Why Are Tow Trucks Services Essential?

Tow truck services are underrated precisely because of the lack of recognition they have. Something might go amiss and in such situations, tow trucks are found remarkably beneficial.

If your vehicle breaks down all of a sudden without any notice, these trucks come in handy.

In case of an accident, the displacing of the vehicle from the scene is crucial, since it produces hindrances for other automobiles and can potentially fuel collisions and create havoc.

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