15 Standardized Tests Being Used in Education Today

15 Standardized Tests Being Used in Education Today

Once a time, SAT or ACTs are used in schools to determine whether or not students can take admission in their desired school. Today schools are moving out from these tests that first considered bigger factors of the education system. Some research showed that these indicators are unreliable to determine that only successful students will become part of school and college.

However, it does not mean that removed all achievement tests of students. There are present a lot of tests that mean a lot in all levels of education. There are present new innovative models for assessment like standardized tests. In this article, collected some best tests of developments for students. Law assignment writing service uk and other online resources also assist students in their standardized testing procedures.

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Tests for K-12 classes students

The students of class K-12 are taking the following tests:


It is a series of tests for student achievement, specially designed for the students of K-12 classes. These tests help students understand the language arts, reading, spelling, social studies, science, math, vocabulary, or other fields. In the U.S, these tests are used by many states.

Stanford Achievement Test

This test is known as name SAT 10. These tests are used to assess students’ reading, mathematics, language, listening comprehension, social science, problem solving, spelling, or science. These tests are not common in those states that already have their best-standardized tests.

Common Core State Testing

These are new standardized tests that are not only used to test students’ reading and math skills. But it also includes other subjects like economics, physical education, foreign language, or arts. It includes a lot of testing, or it is predicted that they will change the experience of k-12 classes students. The results that get from these testing are important for education policy, teacher evaluation, or funding.

STAR Tests

These tests are unique from other tests because students completed these tests by using computers or other technologies. Teachers are using these tests to assess students in early literacy, reading, or math. These are the best tools that help to prepare students for high-stakes or state tests. These are used mostly to monitor the progress of students except for determining the local and state policies.

International Baccalaureate Exam

This test is essential for Europe or other world’s places. In the U.S, IB schools still play an important role in IB exams. It helps to assess the language and other subjects’ skills of students.

PARCC and SBAC Tests

In the U.S, these two tests change that standardized testing. These tests students can give on computers. Or if students want to answer these tests question, they require the skills of computers. These questions also require writing, research, problem-solving.

Learning Records and Work Sampling System

These tests are also another best type of innovative assessment for students. These tests help to measure the progress of students. Teachers are attaching these test scores to things like science experiments and writing samples.

New York Performance Standards Consortium test

These are different types of tests that are alliance to public high schools about 28. The students get assessments in these schools that are based on their performance except for testing. These changing tests require students to write research papers or essays, create math problems, and do science experiments, except to answer questions.

Tests for Post-secondary classes student

At the level of post-secondary level, students require the following test that is important for their higher education or career.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT is present in a few colleges, but subject tests are still offered in most colleges. These play an important role in determining the career of students in the college. These tests offer students to show their performance and achievements in particular subjects like history, science, English, or mathematics.

AP Exams

There are presently about 34 various AP courses for students. They are offering access to students to study at college-level in everything like art history or calculus. The students that are taking these courses can get college credit at a lower price.


The students that don’t want to go to college but still require some tests at high school. This test is one of them. This test helps to measure the student’s workplace skills. Through these tests, students can find the best field of their career because they can determine the skills related to which field.

Tests for graduate-level students

The tests for students at the graduate level are following:


This test is for those students that want to take admission in any U.S law school. This test helps to assess the reading comprehension of students or their reasoning and logic. This test plays an important role in admission to law schools, mostly in the U&.S. it is also used in few schools in Australia and Canada.


GRE is known as ( Graduate Record Examination); this test is required to take students of U.S graduate schools. This test helps assess students’ knowledge in quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking skills, or analytical writing. It is considered an essential factor for students’ selection.


If students want to work in a medical setting with animals, they need to take this test. This test helps assess students’ knowledge in chemistry and biology with reading comprehension, verbal skills, and quantitative reasoning.


In medical schools to applying the most important test is MCAT. This test is a computer base that helps test the student’s problem-solving or critical thinking ability. It also helps to assess the writing ability or scientific knowledge of students. For the health care profession, specialized tests are required like PCAT, DAT, or OAT.

However, these are the best tests used nowadays in most schools and colleges to test students’ abilities. After studying, students become professionals in various fields and require some professional tests. These tests show that they have the skills that they require for that job. These tests are required for students after graduation or maybe in the last semester. These are the best tests that help students to analyze which field will be best for their future.

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