5 Best Dining Destinations In Japan


Food is an element that connects the world. Every country has their own speciality, and people around the world are willing to try them out. Exploring food is like exploring new versions of a city or country. One can even say that food shows the authenticity or culture of people and their legacy. It is the best way to rediscover your tastes and interests. Plus, trying something new every day makes your life more lively. There are so many countries and so many cuisines but just a few stay iconic. Japan is definitely one of those countries which has made a special space in everyone’s heart. People want to try their food out because of the hype or immaculate taste. From their sushi to beverages, people are fascinated by every sort of thing in Japan. Plan your trips with the Kkday promo code, MakeMyTrip code and other travel app discounts. Make the most out of your vacation in this beautiful country by trying authentic cuisines.

Here comes a mini guide for people who are looking for the best restaurants.


The second largest city in Japan, Osaka, is known to be one of the prettiest places ever to visit. It is the street food capital of Japan and is super famous for takoyaki or okonomiyaki dishes. That means when you visit this city, you have to keep your tummy prepared for a lot of delicious delicacies. The food culture is so huge here that people use terms like “eat food till you burst” out of fun. The best dine-in options in this city include Yakumido, Ajinayo, Harukoma, Fukutaro Honten and Chibo. The dishes that are a must-try in the city are okonomiyaki, takoyaki, fugu and yakiniku. 


The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is the coolest place in the world. This metropolis is famous for technological advancements such as robot hotels. But the part that connects people with this city is their food. This urban complex is a mixture of ethnicities and cultures which is quite visible in their food taste. The famous dishes that you have to try from Tokyo are sushi, yakitori, wagyu beef, tonkatsu and tempura. It could be challenging for tourists to find the best dine-in options because every restaurant is quite renowned for its specialities. Still, as per food experts, the best places are Ise Sueyoshi, Jiromari Akihabara, Kuriya and Izakaya Sanzoku. 


Kyoto is one of the most cherished cities in Japan because it has so much cultural heritage. The city has 17 UNESCO heritage sites and several shrines. It is considered as the national treasure of Japan. The city is even famous for cuisines such as tofu, sake, soba, kyo kaiseki, shojin ryori, obanzai and kuzukiri. Their dishes use ingredients like matcha, kudzu and bracken starch, making them taste very delicious. On the other hand, their dried herring, salted mackerel and different types of fish are really popular. Some restaurants you can blindly trust to try these dishes out are Sanganono Kyotojokyoji, Saishuan Shiraki, Yasakadori Enraku and Wakana. 


Now let’s talk about the city of Ramen. Sapporo is one of the most beloved places for ramen, snow festivals and beer. The city is known for using ingredients like corn, melon, dairy and seafood. Some of their famous dishes include Sapporo ramen, shioi koibito, kani shabu, hotate yaki and jingisukan. Also, Sapporo is the oldest brand of beer in Japan. To try all these exquisite items, visit top restaurants such as Gotsubo, Hakodate Uni Murakami Sapporo, Kushidori Sapporo Kitaguchi and Sushizen Honten. 


Lastly, visit Nagoya’s tourist attractions and the world’s biggest planetariums. It is another city in Japan that people love dearly. The city is highly famous for its food presentations. This includes dishes like miso katsu, kishimen, tenmusu and ton chan. All the dishes are typically seasoned with mame miso and soy sauce. Another speciality in this city is shrimp. Try all these out at places like Atsuta Horaiken Jingu, Maruya Honten Meieki, Miyakishimen and Unafuji. 

Last Few Thoughts

In the end, one can say that Japan is a country of innovation and flavours. That’s why everyone who loves to visit new countries and try new food should definitely have Japan as a top country on their list. While you plan such trips and eating ideas, make sure to know your whereabouts. Like, check for trip ideas on Tripadvisor or book dine-ins with the Kkday discount coupon. These tricks can assist you with a convenient holiday.

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