5 Ways Cloud Telephony Improves The Performance of Your Company

It’s been more than 100 years since the phone was created in the 18th century by Alexander Graham Bell. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a phone and, in the present-day digital world. Cloud technology sets the standard for how we interact with one another. At work, Unified Communications (UC) has already integrated a range of cloud-based tools for collaboration and communication to create an integrated and more efficient way of working.

The core of many other UC strategies is cloud telephony software. It is also known by the name cloud voice. Cloud telephony consists of hosting voice communications on the cloud, not physical hardware as utilized in the traditional PBX (private branch exchange) systems. This means that cloud telephony software- as with any other cloud-based service not only integrates with other platforms or applications however, it also allows access to more users and flexibility than rigid PBX infrastructure.

Additionally, by storing everything from the cloud, you can keep a tight grasp on the calls that come in and in turn help your customers better. A poor customer service experience can affect the image of your brand. Have you ever heard that consumers are twice as likely to talk about and recall bad experiences as good ones?

Manual Call Management Systems are detrimental to businesses that rely upon these phone calls to improve customer satisfaction as well as generate leads for the business. Which solution is best? Be current with the latest trends in technology.

Cloud Telephony software is the latest innovation within Cloud Computing, that provides unique solutions to companies that don’t want to spend money on standalone services. Make the switch to this completely automated pay-as-you-use inbound call management system which does not require additional hardware and is implemented in only a few simple steps. In the end, you’ll be able to instantly enhance your image as a well-managed company.

Let’s look at how this powerful technological solution can be utilized by different companies to climb on the path to success and the profits they earn:

Options for text messaging

Today’s consumers enjoy using messaging and text methods to contact businesses. A report published in The Washington Post reports that 70% of customers prefer to text businesses instead of calling them and that satisfaction ratings for customers are higher by 25% for messages-based interactions.1

One reason lies in the fact that it’s easier. Customers may become annoyed to be on the phone with you when they’re working or tending to their family members, however, texting is a good option for multitasking. Texting is quieter, and doesn’t cause any noise and therefore, people don’t need to go to a quiet location.

The inevitable will come up with those who would prefer to talk instead of texting in certain situations, and they do require real-time, back and forth communications that only calls can deliver. As more and more modern-day customers are happy when businesses allow users to select their preferred method of communication, or even to change between text, phone or chat. The inclusion of a texting option allows you to offer that flexibility.

Integration seamlessly into existing platforms

Cloud telephony software is a software-based service. phone service means it can be integrated into any computer program, easily integrating with existing call centres of customers relationship management (CRM) platform. It is an integral feature of the software currently used, instead of being a separate application. This makes it much simpler for teams of different sizes to collaborate and manage the way they handle projects or customers – via phone calls, instant messaging sharing files, or setting up meetings in the overall UC framework.


In removing the necessity to maintain and install equipment, cloud telephony software makes communications for companies more efficient. All you require is the handsets and an internet router. Furthermore, it ensures no time delay could hinder the efficiency of the company. Engineers do not have to maintain the equipment, which means that they can run every operation and avoid costly maintenance requirements.

In addition to making money and time, as well as reducing costs, companies can run more effectively. It is also possible to shift these resources to areas within the company that require more expenditures to allow your business to expand smoothly.

Promptly Handle All Your Customers

Agents are immersed amid customer calls throughout the day. Being aware of customers details like name, address age. Other requirements beforehand make it easier for the agent to manage the caller during the call. This communication between the customer and the business will also build trust between the both.

Integrating a CRM phone system into a phone system simplifies the call handling process by providing full-fledged details. All incoming calls, including the call record, history, and an exhaustive record of each interaction with the company. You can also save all the recordings of each interaction with the customer in the CRM and access them when required.

a person carries his laptop to record calls through cloud telephony software

Capabilities to record calls

Great business communication involves listening, understanding, and following up on key points of conversation. This can be more difficult to accomplish when you’re on the phone than text-based methods of communication.

Call recording can change everything by saving your conversations. You can revisit them later. Confirm a point and recall the words spoken or even send the message to somebody.

Call recording can also serve important roles for training employees and immediate feedback. Like all professionals, customer service representatives must be able to see what they’re doing well. As for how they can improve. Call recordings can provide specific details on the customer’s words. Where & what the representative stated about what was successful, as well as the ones that did not. All of this is automated, meaning you can keep track of the information in a way that will save time.

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