6 Essential Features in an Outdoor Kitchen

Dreaming of the perfect outdoor kitchen to ease those hot summer nights? Whether you’re hosting a large group or just grilling with family and friends, there are key features you’ll need in your outdoor kitchen if it’s going to truly be functional. 

From designing the right layout to choosing storage options and countertops, there are lots of decisions that will determine how successful your outdoor space is. Let’s explore the essential features any good outdoor kitchen needs so you can get started creating yours!

Built-in grill

What essential features will really set your space apart? Look no further; a built-in grill is the perfect starting point! Not only do grills add a way to cook up delicious culinary creations without having to go into the house, they also become part of your stylish decor. 

A built-in grill is classic, timeless and ever on trend. There’s really no wrong way to design around it once installed, too—it pairs well with any custom seating or landscape design you have chosen. 

A refrigerator

Not only does a refrigerator provide cold storage for food items, but it also lets you shake up summer drinks and keep burgers chilled for your backyard BBQ. 

A refrigerator creates an organized storage option for food and beverage items near the grilling area, which allows you to quickly restock platters and refreshments without having to go into the house. 

When selecting a fridge, opt for one that enables some form of outdoor temperature control so won’t be ruined by extreme heat or freezing temperatures; this ensures a long lifespan.


Having ready to install cabinets in an outdoor kitchen is key. Not only can they ensure the components of your outdoor area will stand up to the elements, but they also help create a unified look for your entire space. 

You’re in luck if you’re looking for ready to install cabinets, as there are plenty of options with materials that are weather resistant–think stainless steel and composite wood. Additionally, you can find a variety of different designs to make sure your personal style shines through in this part of your home.

A fireplace

When designing an outdoor kitchen, one feature you won’t want to miss is a fireplace. Fireplaces create an inviting focal point for any outdoor kitchen. Plus, these toasty beauties also provide warmth on cool nights so that you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen all year round. 

You have three fuel source choices when it comes to powering your fire feature – gas, wood, or electricity. Pick whichever option best fits the design and needs of your backyard paradise!

A sink

Installing a sink in your outdoor kitchen is a must! Who wants to bring all their dishes back inside after cooking in the sunshine? Make food prep easier with a sink that allows you to clean up hands and dishes without having to break up the party. 

Plus, it can also be used for cooling down drinks fast. Stainless steel or composite materials are two of the most common materials for outdoor sinks, so decide which fits your vision best; whether that’s installing a freestanding or built-in sink model.

Storage space

Having enough storage space in your outdoor kitchen is essential for hassle-free cooking and convenient accessibility. Consider incorporating cabinets, shelves, or drawers as they are all excellent options for keeping your kitchen necessities in order. 

Investing in one of these options ensures that you can easily find the things you need while keeping your kitchen looking neat and well organized.

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