7 Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

It is not a bad idea to use a pressure washer sandblaster with your power pressure washer. The reason is it can help you in removing paint and rust, and hard stains from your driveway. pressure washer sandblasting kit These kits turn your pressure washers into sandblasting machines. The sandblaster can withstand high pressure, so its disassembly must be simple, cost-effective, and made of durable material.

By using the best pressure washer sandblasting kit, you can vapor blast at home not only this, you can do it in a clean and quick way. We will be covering all aspects of using a pressure washer to sandblast your home.

Guide to buying a Pressure washer sandblaster

Sandblasting, a powerful tool, is great for cleaning old rusty surface, worn-out painting, and tired wheelbarrows.

1. Tool Daily 5000 PSI Pressure washer Sandblasting kit

User reviews have shown that this Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit offers the best value for money. It is a well-known sandblaster as it can handle up to high rated pressure 5000 PSI. It is an ideal choice for projects that are difficult to do at home. You can remove old paint or layers of rust from your car.

So you do complete many challenging projects at a very low cost. It includes a stainless steel 17-inch sandwand. The sand wad can handle higher flow rates, but it also requires greater pressure. best pressure washer hose The 10 foot long hose is made of high-quality materials and secured by two clamps.

This is a great thing as it makes the detaching and drying process easy if any water comes down. The brass-based sandblaster comes with replaceable ceramic tips. The sandblaster can also be connected using a 1/4 inch quick connector. If you are looking to have a sandblaster that lasts for a long period of time at a fair price, you should get it.

2. Valley Industries SBK-400 Wet Sandblast Kit

Although it is a bit more expensive than the others, this sandblaster will last a lifetime. It can withstand pressures up 3500 PSI and is made from sturdy materials.

It can also handle 10 Gallons of water per hour from your pressure washer. This Sandblaster kit from Valley Industries has 18 feet long sand suction that is made of rubber and reinforced with a metal mesh that makes this sandblaster long-lasting. The sand wand, which is made from stainless steel, has two tubes that allow for air intake and sand.

This produces a uniform and smooth sand flow. This sandblaster can also be connected to standard pressure washers using a 1/4″ male plug. Although the cost is quite high, this is an excellent investment considering its durability and sturdy materials. It also includes a Carbide tip, which is one of the most durable.

3. M MINGLE Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit

M Mingle sandblasting power washer is our next pick. This sandblaster allows you to complete home-based sandblaster jobs. This product can be described as a mid-range product. It’s also valuable for Karcher pressure washer owners.

It’s a good fit for pressure washers of the K series, which include K2,K3, K4, K5, and K6. It is made up of an adapter. It can be used with any standard 1/4-inch connector and sandblaster. If we see reviews, you can connect it with many standard 1/4 inch connectors. Its sandblaster to pressure washer is of moderate quality, obviously, due to its price. Both the sandwand and nozzle are made of plastic.

The sandhose measures 10 feet in length and plays an important role for smoothness. The 16 inch length of the wand comes from high-quality, durable material. Also, a ceramic tip is available inside its nozzle. It’s best to use pressures between 2500 and 2500 PSI. It can be used at temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also receive a Karcher adapter and sandblaster. Protective eyewear is also included in this kit.

4. Tool Daily 2500 PSI pressure washer sandblasting kit

Tool Daily 2500PSI is an affordable and easy to use pressure washer. This sandblaster for a pressure washer can handle pressure up to 2500PSI, so ideal for daily usage.

This sandblasting set is ideal for low-quality materials. It comes with a 10 foot rubber hose. This hose allows you to easily reach the sand bucket, but does not allow for sanction power.

The tip of the sand-wand is made from strong plastics to ensure smooth suction flow. Its 16-inch length can fit any 1/4″ pressure washer connector. It contains a plastic nozzle that can be replaceable with a ceramic tip. This package also includes a pair of eyeglasses, which is a great value for the price.

5. AgiiMan Pressure washer Sandblasting Kit

AgiiMan, the perfect household sandblaster for a reasonable price, is what we will be discussing next. There is a sandblaster kit that consists of an adapter, protective eyeglass pair, and a sandblaster. This adapter is used for changing 1/4 inch quick connector pressure washer wands to one to fit into Karcher pressure washers from series of K.

This powerful sandblaster allows you to deal with water pressures of up to 3200 PSI. And it works perfectly until the water does not go over 150 Fahrenheit. This sandblaster pressure washer is made from plastic, steel and brass.

Flexible plastic is used to make the sand hose, which measures 10 feet in length. The tapered end of the wand is made from solid material. The connector on the stainless steel pressure washer has slightly more height. Another connector connects a solid-plastic nozzle with brass gasket. It has a ceramic tip.

6. Interstate Pneumatics PW5301 Wet DIY Sand Blaster Kit

The next product is Interstate Pneumatics. While it’s not a pneumatic product, this wet-sandblaster is suitable for pressure washers. And if you want a reliable sandblaster that will be of your use for many projects, then this powerful sandblaster must be your choice. It is also pocket-friendly. The sandblaster can handle 3500 PSI pressure and ten gallon per minute continuous water flow.

The PVC hose for this pressure washer measures 18 feet long. It is strong enough to protect against water kickback, but short enough so that the sand flows smoothly. The hose ends in a steel sand wand. It has two pipes; one pipe is used for sand output, and the other is used for the proper flow of air. It cannot extend and can fit up to 1/4-inch connectors.

7. DUSICHIN DUS-017 Pressure Washer Sand Blasting System

DUSICHIN is the best pressure washer sandblaster for you if you want to save money. But we must keep in our mind that if it is low in price, then it must be low in quality that it would not work for longer projects.

It is because it has a nozzle tip that is made of brass, and it gets damaged quickly. So if you have dust buildup, we recommend using a baking soda sandblaster. This pressure washer sandblaster can be connected to any 1/4-inch connector. It can handle pressures up to 1000 to 2600 PSI.

Tapered plastic sandwands help to prevent jamming. The sandwand measures 7.2 inches long, while the connector measures 17 inch.

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