7 Refrigerator Features to Look for When Buying a Fridge


Like every year, you can expect several leading brands to offer great deals and discounts to attract the consumers towards their products. In fact, smart shoppers wait for such a time to buy important home appliances like a refrigerator. It is considered an auspicious time for buying new objects and one can significantly reduce the original price by availing the lucrative offers.

Since a refrigerator is an expensive and long-lasting purchase, a smart shopper also understands that quality, performance and features are of paramount importance in such a decision. The ideal fridge is dependent on individual factors unique to you, like your family size, available space and lifestyle, among other considerations. Let us try to help you out in this journey by examining 7 of the most important  refrigerator features and if you want to Purchase top-selling refrigerators models  that have all the key features then you can visit directly to Bajaj EMI Store for better deals

  • Door Type

Single door fridges are so passé and out of fashion. It is the time to explore multi-door types of fridges, which add aesthetic value along with practical benefits. Some common examples include:

  • Top Double Door Refrigerators

These fridges have one separate door each of the freezer and main fridge area. It provides different levels of cooling to the different areas, hence reducing the power consumption of your fridge. Top brands like Godrej fridge offer several double door fridges of varying capacities. 

  • Top Triple Door Refrigerators

If two doors was not good enough for you, then you can take a look at the triple door fridge, which has a separate chamber each for the freezer, main fridge body and vegetable basket. This allows for a clutter-free fridge and your different types of food items are more organized and easily retrievable.

  • Side by Side Door Refrigerators

Side by side fridges are becoming very popular lately due to their convenience of operation and more storage area. They are very well suited for larger families. They also offer more convenient access to all parts of the fridge and can be easily operated by young children as well.  

  • French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators appear like a smart closet. There are two side by side doors for the main fridge body, while there is a single door chamber on the top and at the bottom. These are typically either 2 freezers or 1 freezer and vegetable storage area. Due to their design, they offer wide and deeper shelves, and a neat and well organized storage system. They are mostly available in very large capacities and come at a premium price.

  • Inbuilt Voltage Stabiliser / Power Backup

This is another feature that is becoming regular in top models like Godrej fridges. Especially in areas where there may be frequent voltage fluctuations, the inbuilt stabiliser ensures no harm is done to internal machinery and circuitry of the fridge. In fact, some fridges also offer temporary power backup which retains cooling for 6-8 hours easily. If you are looking for Godrej fridge on lowest EMI then you can visit Bajaj EMI Store For better deals

  • Energy Efficiency

Something that is always on the mind of the prudent Indian shopper, energy efficiency and power consumption are important characteristics in the long run operational costs. This rating is denoted in stars. The higher the number of stars, the better the efficiency. It is advisable to upgrade to a newer  and best Godrej fridge with a high star rating.

  • Smart Features

In this age of high connectivity, it should come as no surprise that smart refrigerators are becoming popular. They can be connected using Wi-Fi and be controlled using voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

  • Smart Inverter

The inverter technology has been around for a while now. However, the Smart Inverter technology makes for an extremely noiseless fridge functioning. Also, it adds to your energy savings since it is able to regulate the inside temperature by providing more cooling to only those areas which need it.

  • Novelty Ice Dispenser

There are several latest refrigerators that have innovative ice making features. Some fridges also have an ice crusher built inside, which is perfect for evening entertainment. Many new fridges come with an external ice dispenser for which you do not even need to open the fridge door, which is more convenient and keeps the internal temperature undisturbed.

  • Touchscreen Panel

Fridges with a touch screen panel and digital controls are extremely simple to operate. You can set/reset the temperature control for different areas. You can also make shopping lists and other notes for family members, and even set reminders for important events or grocery items needing replenishment.

You can find several refrigerators with the aforementioned features from leading brands at the EMI Store. Using the No Cost EMI option, you can conveniently pay for your purchase over the agreed upon tenor. Moreover, based on the model selected, you can also avail of cashback amount or use the zero down payment option for your EMI-based purchase. 

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