7 Ways in which Text to Speech improves your business communication

Text to Speech software

Text to Speech is the best reader assist tool in various digital text reading platforms. This technology has been highly preferred in business to create an impression with customers through digital text sales pitching. Text to Speech can be involved with written Text to convert them to voice or audio format. The advancement of this Text to Speech technology can improve your digital marketing with a wide range of benefits. TTS includes more advanced technology to translate your digital sales text accurately. You can bring a better voice similar to live human conversation with Text to Speech options to your message conversation. 

  1. Voice quality:

Every customer likes to have an adorable voice during the conversation. This is the most prominent thing which can highly satisfy your customer. The same concept applies to digital text translation with Text to Speech technology. A voice has to be more clear with proper pronunciation, volume, emphasis and even more. You can bring all of these needs with TextText to the Speech software application. You can customize your text emphasis and speech rate according to customer comfortability. Lack of this comfortability will result in customer disappointment. Major companies prefer the Text to Speech option within their digital text marketing to avoid this.

  1. Increase IVR options:

Technology has improved with business intelligence. So almost every company needs the IVR system for the call centre platform. But installing more tools within an entity might increase your expense and mess the agent’s proper operations. To avoid this, you can consider Text to Speech software with an IVR option that allows you to access all your conversation needs with one software. IVR script options with Text to Speech solution highly support customers choosing multiple options as per their comfortability and preference. 

  1. Pitch control:

This is also a major reason behind business entities shifting Text to Speech solutions. Even agents’ voices can’t be controlled perfectly in all situations. But with Text to Speech software, you can make use of better pitch control to provide customers with the best voice translation as per their needs. You can easily control pronunciation, volume, emphasis and Speech rate with a single go. You can maximize the positive impact within customer’s minds. With this feature, you can have dual benefits. You can easily impress the customer and consume the time of the agent. 

  1. Multiple language and accent:

You can’t source workforce from all parts of the world, but the chance of achieving customers from all over the world is little more. So if you plan to spread your product online, you must be prepared to handle customers in their native language. You have to attach Text to Speech in their local language. You can easily achieve this with multiple languages and accent features. You can choose a customer’s comfortable language with a list of global language options. At once, when you choose a particular language, you can allow the customer to enjoy accurate translation in their language. 

  1. Human-like voice quality:

Even human recording can lose its quality and clarity at times, but when it comes to Text to Speech software, you can provide an audio version similar to that of the human voice. The chance of miss conveying and misunderstanding is eliminated with the Text to Speech feature. You can customize your voice options based on attractive accents. You can add a human-like voice expression with a high-quality accent and pronunciation. This supports you to achieve a positive impression of your brand. 

  1. Reminders and alerts:

Reminders and alerts are the most important concept to maintain better customer relations and track them properly. Text to Speech software is available with default alert and reminder service to reduce the pressure on agents. You can’t manually set up reminders with various process steps with separate software. The agent can access this just with a single touch on display option and retain the reminder and alert at proper timing. 

  1. Cost-effective:

Cost-effective is one of the most important reasons why almost every entity prefers Text to Speech technology within their call centre platform. You can easily access them with immediate installation and process them within all modes of conversation. The most attractive factor is gaining more returns with the very least investment. Digital text marketing can be more expressive to gain more returns. 

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