8 playful bobblehead trends to lookout for this 2022

Have an interest about bobbleheads? Want to get a custom bobblehead doll created? Well, we’ve laid down some of the popular themes for crafting these funny and adorable figurines. Get hold of a leading bobble heads manufacturing company to acquire customized bobbeheads made exactly according to your unique suggestions. 

Keep reading to know more about the common bobblehead themes in trend this year.

  1. Wedding bobbleheads

Is your wedding nearby? Want a bobblehead version of the wedding couple, bridesmaid or groomsman to come to life? Well, you can simply order for these wedding bobbleheads to add a touch of innovation and delight to your special day.

  1. For couples

Wish to keep a token that will exhibit the special bond you share with your partner? Then, you can get a sweet bobblehead of yourself and your beloved sculpted to celebrate your precious connection with each other in a cheery way.

  1. For graduation

Have your dream graduation party planned? To keep things more jovial, you can get your own look-alike bobblehead created in graduation attire to keep as a memory of this significant day throughout your lifetime.

  1. Related to sports and hobbies

Want to possess a bobblehead of your favorite baseball player, soccer star, golfer or any other sports personality? Or, eager to get your own bobblehead created in sports uniform to show your love for that activity? Then, you can select this theme and order your add-ons accordingly to get sports-related figurines handmade.

  1. Of musicians

Can’t imagine life without music? Be it your favorite singer, drummer, guitar player, pianist, performer or any other musician, you can get their bobblehead created. And if you’re a musician yourself and want to have your own bobblehead playing your preferred instrument or at the mike, you can get that accordingly included by skilled artists.

  1. To represent your profession

Dedicated to your work? Then, we say that you get your bobblehead doll wearing your official work attire sculpted. Whether you’re a doctor, policeman, nurse, business man, construction worker or one linked to any other field, you can get your figurine of this category garbed in your sophisticated work ensemble brought to reality.

  1. Of pets

Fond of your pet? If so, you can get bobbleheads of your dog, cat, bunny, squirrel or any other house animal custom-made. Such pet dolls will not only look extremely cute but also showcase the loveable bond you share with your friendly buddy.

  1. Of superheroes

Fancy a bobblehead of your favorite superhero or that of yourself in the get-up of your admired superhero? Then, you can get superhero bobbleheads with signature large heads sculpted to denote power and strength.

Apart from these currently seen concepts, you can ask for other themes too as long as you’re dealing with bobblehead customization specialists. Contact a top-notch bobblehead seller to purchase best quality custom bobble heads that are sure to be carefully created according to your specific individual requirements by experts in this field.

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