Amazing Health Benefits of Camping

Post-COVID-19 pandemic, the first thing most people wanted was to go on a vacation. During the lockdown, we got time to reconnect with our families but the fear and restriction of going out were exhausting. As our lives got back to normal, many families and friends planned vacations. However, many people continue to avoid crowded places and practice social distancing. Lately, more and more people are getting more interested in camping than going for an exotic vacation. This is because camping is the best choice to refresh your mind while staying safe outdoors. Rather than visiting crowded shopping malls and restaurants, you spend quality time with loved ones in the woods. Whether you’re tired of busy urban life or looking for some adventure, camping never disappoints. With proper planning, camping trips are perfect to refresh your mind and soul. For those who despise the idea of sleeping in a tent with no bathroom, there are deluxe cabins with all amenities on campsites. It means that camping is for everyone.

How Camping Can Benefit You?

Camping means staying close to nature, hiking through rugged mountains, watching the sunrise, exploring lush green forests, and falling asleep under a night sky full of stars. It gives you an opportunity to engage in your hobbies with loved ones. Whether you love fishing, cycling, or kayaking, there are plenty of options available. Camping gives you experiences that no other trip can. Besides having a great time outdoors, camping has many other benefits. You might not realize that while enjoying activities in a clean and healthy environment, you are reaping plenty of benefits. Besides reducing anxiety and stress, camping helps you learn new skills. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of spending time outdoors, close to nature.

1.      Burn Calories

Camping provides multiple health benefits because when you spend time outdoors, you stay active. Camping often involves various fun activities such as cycling, swimming, kayaking, fishing, walking, hiking, bike riding, and more. All these activities keep you physically active, resulting in burning calories. Camping is more fun than running on a treadmill or exercising in the gym. It gives you a fun way to engage in your favorite hobbies while burning calories. Most of us who have desk jobs don’t get enough daily movement. Our sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on our health. But when you plan camping trips often, your activity level increases, resulting in boosting metabolism, a healthier heart, and resilient joints and muscles.

2.      Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Camping exposes you to green space and the natural world. It is seen that when you take time away from hustle and bustle of the city time and get close to nature, it relaxes your mind. Studies have shown that greenery and natural views have a positive effect on our brains. Camping can help you reduce stress and anxiety by improving your mood. The soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach, birds chirruping, and the wind flowing through the trees have a calming effect. Camping can have a therapeutic impact on your brain by taking you away from daily work pressure.  The best way to camp is to keep your smartphone aside and take time to reconnect with nature. Spending some time in peace and quiet will lift your mood and reduce anxiety.

3.      Better Sleep

Camping provides physical and mental benefits that can refresh your body. It also helps to reset your body clock and improve sleep. Our sleep and wake cycles are controlled by the natural hormone Melatonin. An average person spends a considerable amount of time working in artificial blue light that negatively affects melatonin levels. Camping means spending more time outdoors and getting exposed to melatonin-friendly yellow light. Moreover, when you wake up with natural light, it improves your sleep-wake cycle. Spending time in the woods also takes you away from city distractions and traffic noise that helps you sleep better.

4.      Vitamin D Boost

City life means spending maximum time inside homes or offices. When we spend maximum time indoors, we don’t get enough vitamin D which is vital for bone health and physical wellness. An average person needs at least 10 minutes of sunshine every day. Camping is a great way to get the much-needed vitamin D while enjoying the outdoors.

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