Ask These 7 Questions To Know If an ATS Supports What You Need


Choosing the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes your work easier. Whenever you manage active and passive candidates, it enhances your ability to grow your business in the coming future, which can lead to improving your target for hiring. But how would you know if it’s actually supporting your needs or not? 

What’s an ATS?

To make it simple, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes your recruiting process way easier than before. But, you need to keep in mind three things that support and help you through your work journey, that is: Flexibility, Integration, and Compliance

With the questions that we’ve listed below, you will be clear about picking the exact ATS suitable for your business. Before you take your first step it’s important to make up your mind and ask yourself questions like: How far am I with the recruiting process? Is it time to plan out a change in recruitment? What if I plan out a new employee branding strategy for my business? 

While you were making up your mind, we’ve gathered some questions that will make you get ready to search for the best ATS for your recruiting process. So, take out few minutes and have a look:

Q1. How can an ATS make my hiring process faster?

To make new strategies and execute them accurately, an ATS works best—it posts your job requirements on every social media platform. As per a study from Aberdeen, 73 percent of candidates were recruited from social media. It has become a trend to draw in both customers and candidates from social media sites, so having a system that will handle this makes work simple. Apart from that, an ATS also shares on job boards, makes a clear record of the interview, and keeps a track of how long the hiring phase may take. It takes your process one step forward by automating offer letters so that candidates don’t leave after accepting a job elsewhere. A survey that was conducted for months showed that 49 percent of candidates reject the job because of the slow process of handling the offer letter. 

Q2. How can it showcase a great candidate experience?

To better expose the company to your hiring candidates, an ATS can provide you with essential ingredients that assist you for this purpose:

  • Fast and smooth communication
  • Prompt handling of acceptance or rejection emails 
  • Career-oriented training for your team 
  • Giving a structure for your interview process 
  • Sending candidate surveys
  • Taking feedback from receptionists or interview coordinators regarding candidate behavior

Q3. Can I recruit through mobile using the application system?

As we all know, recruitment is not only restricted to the regular schedule of 9 to 5 working hours in an office, but instead, it can take place anytime, anywhere. However, HR professionals need to be prompt enough so that they can have a professional conversation with the candidate. ATS serves as an easy, ongoing process to handle resumes anywhere and everywhere with the use of your mobile phone. 

Pro Tip: You can request a demo regarding the actions a recruiter can take to ensure the functionality of the hiring process.

Q4. Will it give a user-friendly experience? 

Whether you’re working with your mobile device or desktop, it’s obvious that all ATS might not be the same in every aspect. The appearance and usability may differ from one another, therefore, claiming that a user-friendly interface may give you an overall successful experience while working. Forbes suggests that while there were many social media platforms before Facebook was introduced, its simplicity and user-friendly interface made it instrumental in its domination of other social networking sites. 

Q5. Does an ATS provide reports?

There’s absolutely no need to sweat it all out when thinking about your recruitment analysis and hiring activities. ATS supports your actions and keeps a track of all the reports so that you can focus on the more important tasks that are pending from your end. So, let’s find out about the 5 reports that will maximize your efforts and source strategies. 

  1. Reports attracting talent sources 
  2. Performance of recruitment reports
  3. SLA reports
  4. Candidate talent reports
  5. The trend of hiring reports

Q6. Can my career page be customized as per the company reviews and requirements?

Nowadays, employee power is increasing as companies are growing one after another and there is a shortage of labor. They have become rigorous in checking out the details before taking an interview or even applying for a job. So, making the career page more attractive and filling it with relevant information, ensures good exposure to the public. 

Q7. Can I easily create a Job Description and post it?

An ATS supports creating a job description and posts it on all onboarding platforms to make things easier for you. However, things can get a bit complicated sometimes when you have to hire a candidate or during the process of recruitment. For this, you can focus on the existing candidates and give less time to manual recruitment.

The Ending Note

It’s time that you use an ATS at its best.

By now I’m hoping that you’ve gone through the 7 most important questions that have to be asked before you move forward and search ATS that your company needs.  From recruitment questions to creating a valid job description, ATS has all the answers. All you need to do is understand and use it wisely whenever required by your business. Don’t only rely on questions, but also research on your own, so that you can understand what reports your organization requires and how important it would be to use an ATS for the recruitment process. 

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