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Auto Mate Systems Ltdprovide and install automatedsliding gatesacrossthe UK.They protect you fromboth vehicular and pedestrianaccess 24 hours a daysandcan beused in conjunction with a variety ofsecurity systems for access control, suchswipe cards, proximitycards, intercoms, andradio transmitters.

Automated sliding gates are by far themostwidely used way to protectan area with remote monitoredsurveillance cameras. So,forinstancethe gate(s)are operatedbythe CCTV monitoring station ofanother part of the country.automatic gateSliding gates are extremelysecure by design as thegateacts like a sectionof fencing thatwill move to allow entry.Agates that slidedoesn’t have aintrinsiccenter of gravity(as the hingesofaswing gatedo) It is therefore unable tobepushed or pulled openfrom a frontal force.

A sliding gateis operated with adriving racking(steel barwithteeth of steel or nylon carvedorfixedto the bar) and is drivenby a motor equipped withan geared cog that isin line with the teeth onthe driverack. It isessential to selecta suitably powered motorto fit tothe gate andwill allow for the volumeofactivities thatthesliding gate is expectedtoperforminanhour.Be aware that sliding gates arenotquick moving machines If you experiencepeak traffic at shift startand stop times,it’s worthwhile to consider holdingthe gate open forshorttimes or havingthe gate eitherby a timer orwith a specificaccess control toourProjects team tofindthe most efficient and effectiveoption for your site.

Thechoice of the motordetermines the choice ofracking to be used forsliding gate’s manufacture. Nylontooth racking, nylon fittedto an angle of steel istypically used for domesticgatesthat run silently.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racks are usedon motors for gates capable ofmovinggates ofup to 2600 KG .Mod6 steelracking can be used ongateswith more weight andup to 6000kg. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the best motordimension, racking specifications andstocks all sizes of.

The sliding gatecan be activated withmany types of access controlequipment,such asdigital keypads,push button, radio fobs,access cards or proximity devicesbio-metricreader photocell,an induction loop. It is also possible to activate the gatesrecently, using a mobile phoneconnection.

Whenconsideringhow to design a gate,it isessential that considerationis given to safety implications.AtAutomate Systems Ltd, wecan provide complete adviceon every aspect to ensurethat the rightgatewill meetyour requirements, while ensuringtop quality suppliesand installation, as well asforce testing uponcommissioning.


Tracked sliding gatesrun on a trackembedded into the road.The gate is made ofa strong beam at thetop of the gatewithin which are puttwobearing wheels.They are attached tothe rail, which allowsthegate tomove back andforwards easily. Thisprovides the opportunity forthe gate’s design and construction to bestronger and heavier, allowingthe gate’s spans to reachover 12 metres,and heights of more than2.4metres.When coupled tothestrong support frame , orportals, makes for astrong and securesliding gate.

Theclearance areafor a tracked slidinggate isslightly less thanthe clearance required for asliding gate asthe area required for mounting theframe and the motor mightnotbe greater than 1meter.garage doorsIt will provide a completerunback space ofgate’s opening plusthe one metre required for themotor and gate support. Itis crucialthat the running track beeven and flat.A slight slope willnotjust causethe motor toexert more energy than it mightbe designed for as well as posedangers to safety,should it become necessarythat the gate be controlled manually.These are the main aspectsto consider when designing a sliding gatesthatthe highly-trained engineers at our companyare able to discuss with our customerswhilecreating your track-basedsliding gate.

We can offer:

  • Installation and supplyof a fullyfunctionalandfully integrated automaticsliding gate.
  • A full 12-month warrantyforall installations.
  • The various levels of maintenance contractto suit your requirements(allwith competitive prices).
  • An effective design solution foryoursite’s particular needs.
  • Diagrams and technical details oncables that we use for our products.
  • A description of the items you needto help with yourdesigning your home.

To request a quoteon an automatedsliding gate or toobtain more information aboutoursliding gate systems that are automaticand other systemsyouareinterested in,do not hesitate to geton the phone, fax or email

Be it a commercialor residentialbuilding, ensuringsecurity isthe main goalof every property owner.It is essential to have the necessaryand appropriate security parameters installedon your property.

Since gates are the primarylocation of entry and exit, proper attention must betaken when installing them. Modernsliding doors with auto-slidingarehighly sought-afterin a varietyofhouses.Youprovider of AutoSliding Dooras well asSensor Door Systemprovidercan help you findthebest gatesfor your property based onthe needs of your property and budget.

Here are someadvantagesof installingauto sliding doorsandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare extremely populardue to their simplicity.You don’t havetoget out ofyourcarand open and close your gate.The gate is operatedentirely bysoftware programs.There is no needkeep an eye on closingthe gateeachtime you go intothe property.It will close automatically afteryour vehicle enters.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you want to choosea higher level ofsecurity,it is impossible to ignoremodern technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufacturers createandconstructthese systems by making useof cutting-edge technology to ensurean unbeatable security foryour possessions and property.Locks that are automated andintegrated safety beams are highlyefficient components ofthese gates.These gates provide maximum securityas compared tomanual security offered by traditional safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare designed and developedto stand up todamage and wear.State-of-the-art technologies are appliedfor making them strongenough for long-lasting use. They arecreated to give youextreme functionality for the maximumamount of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Whatever the case, whether it’s your residentialbuilding or commercial property attractive and stylish automaticsliding doorsare always a great way to enhancethecurb appealof thesame.YourAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan create custom gatesas per your designanddimensions.

SRTEC Automation offers a wideselection of automated gates,sliding doors, as well as other typesofindustrial and commercialentrances. Wecan offertheideal style, sizeandlayout to matchyour preference. Our productsguaranteethe security and safety ofyourpremises.They’re durable, efficient as well as stylish and reliable.

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