Benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy

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Mental health is becoming a significant cause of concern for millions. People are so stuck up in their lives that they seem to be in a constant loop of stress and negative thoughts at some point. Once these emotional patterns are ignored, they can put a person into depression and anxiety. These emotional responses towards stress can only be tackled by getting help from a therapist or a psychologist. The ability to handle stress will dictate how we are leading our lives. So mental health has to be given much importance in all the stages of our life as it can take a toll on a person’s physical health and make him emotionally very weak to handle the day-to-day tasks.

Breaking the stigma of mental health is crucial to understanding people’s emotions and how they feel and act in particular situations. If the problem is going out of control, we must consider seeking help and often receive treatment that can help us in multiple ways. Receiving treatment such as Cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy can help us gain inner peace and help us channel our energy in a better way. In CBT, we can analyze our thoughts and behavior, and we, with our therapists, can challenge our negative thoughts.

Thus CBT is regarded as a problem and action-focused therapy that teaches us how to lead a happy life amidst our thoughts. It is a highly beneficial form of treatment in which we can self-reflect on how we react to our thoughts and learn various techniques to help us lead a good life. The success rate of CBT is much higher when compared to other types of treatments. It gives us quick results and is used to treat certain mental disorders. After three or four CBT sessions, the patient will start to see some changes in himself. It changes the person’s perception of thoughts and holds the patient accountable for his behavior. Here are some excellent benefits of Cognitive behavioral therapy:

Helps people develop self-confidence and self-esteem: Most mental health conditions rise due to low self-esteem. When the stress level in the body increases, people start feeling down and bad about themselves. The negative emotions stem from the negative thoughts, and the clear thinking pattern is disturbed. When you go for CBT treatment, you learn about your thinking patterns and how to keep yourself under control. You view things differently, and your entire belief system is transformed with CBT.

It makes people hopeful: When the mental conditions originate, people generally become very depressed and lose the will to live. They feel their condition is not treatable, and nothing can help them regain their hope. People only become depressed or anxious when trying to control everything and focus too much on the past and present. So when people go for CBT, you get to target the root cause of the problem and live in the present moment. It gives people hope about their condition and the power within them. We are taught not to suppress our thoughts and not fight them back. Instead, accepting and making peace with them is essential.

Teaches us to manage our anger: When the stress hormones in our bodies are produced in higher amounts, it is not possible to manage it, shown in different forms. Because the emotions are overflowing in the body, managing anger becomes very difficult. So CBT treatment teaches people how to manage the anger and learn the issues behind the anger. Anger management makes people more curious about their lives, and the patients can get out of the negative emotions.

Support from therapists: When the depression and anxiety issues deepen, it is tough for the people to manage them and focus on the daily chores. Patients cannot reflect upon their thoughts and go into the cycle of negativity. Since CBT is action-based, it brings forward a support network, and people get a constant from their therapists. Patients can talk to their therapists and put their hearts out. Knowing that someone is there to guide them and render them help will help them recover faster.

Prevents relapse: The patients suffering from mental illnesses do see a relapse after a certain period. When the patients start to see growth in their recovery, they find themselves stuck again in the loop of negativity. There are pretty high chances of knowing a relapse because they have not been appropriately treated. CBT helps them by giving special tools and techniques to use whenever they feel overwhelmed by their emotions. Patients learn various coping methods which they can adopt throughout their life.

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