Benefits of Compounding Pharmacies

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What if the medication prescribed by your physician gets discontinued? Sometimes, mass-produced commercial medications get discontinued if large pharmaceutical manufacturers find their mass production unprofitable. However, even if the drug is not needed by thousands of people, there will always be some patients who still need that drug. In this case, the only option patients have is finding a qualified compounding pharmacist to re-create that medication. When the medicine you need is not available in the market, a compounding pharmacy can come to your rescue. However, this is not the only benefit of compounding pharmacies. Lately, compounding has become quite popular among patients looking to find a customized medication that is tailored to meet their specific medical condition.

A compounding pharmacy is not like a regular pharmacy. It is a specialized pharmacy that creates compounding medications. A certified compounding pharmacist creates drugs prescribed by doctors that suit the specific health condition of an individual. This type of customized drug is most suited for patients with hypoallergenic sensitivities or for children who need a small dosage of a certain medication. The licensed compounding pharmacies have qualified pharmacists and use the most advanced techniques in non-sterile compounding to recreate medication via compounding. Whether the patient doesn’t respond to the commercially available medicines or needs the medication in a different form, compounding helps in creating customized drugs for each patient. To know more about compounding, let’s find out some more amazing benefits of compounding pharmacies.

Right Formula for Each Patient’s Needs

Compounding is nothing new. Several decades ago, most of the medications were compounded. Things changed with the introduction of large pharmaceutical companies manufacturing commercial drugs for the masses. These manufacturers use a cookie-cutter approach to create medicines suited for the majority of the population. Lately, compounding has again gained popularity due to the ineffectiveness or unavailability of commercial medications. Over the years, pharmacies have adopted advanced techniques to customize medications that suit the individual needs of the patients. Compound pharmacies work with the patient’s doctor and adjust the ingredients and dosage to ensure maximum efficacy.

Alternative Dosage Forms

Patients, especially children, might need medication in a different form than the commercially available one. Kids and elderly people often find it difficult to swallow pills. Also, kids might refuse to take bitter medicines. To solve all these issues, a compounding pharmacist can change the dosage form. Some drugs can be compounded in a topical form — cream or a gel. This helps in absorbing the medicine into the blood through the skin. For kids, it is also possible to change the pills into syrup form or turn medicine into a pleasant flavored taste. The most popular compounding medication is creating flavored multivitamins chewable tablets. Besides changing the medication form, it is also possible to customize the potency.

Allergy-Friendly Medication

Patients with certain allergies or sensitivity may find it difficult to consume commercially available medications. Compounding allows removing allergy-causing ingredients such as dyes, lactose, gluten, or alcohol that can trigger unwanted reactions in some patients. To ensure that the patient gets the right treatment, compounding pharmacists add or subtract preservatives and other ingredients.

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