Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

As a business owner or manager, you need to make a lot of decisions. From product manufacturing to shipping, making smart decisions at every step ensures the success of your business. When it comes to the packaging and shipping stage, an important decision is choosing the right type of packaging material. Jute bags, cling film, paper bags, and cardboard or corrugated boxes are most commonly used for packaging. However, cardboard boxes top the list of the most popular packaging materials. When packing products, especially for shipping, you need a sturdy material that keeps the item safe from any damage in transit. Besides keeping the items safe, packaging should also create a great image of your brand. To achieve all these goals, custom corrugated boxes are the best choice for packaging. So, if you’re looking for the right packaging material, let’s find out more about corrugated boxes.

What Is Cardboard Packaging?

Custom corrugated boxes are most commonly used in the packaging industry. The words cardboard and corrugated are often used interchangeably but there’s a difference between the two. Corrugated cardboard is a superior version of cardboard that has three layers. It consists of a ruffled, fluted material which is a layer of wavy paper sandwiched between the inner and outer cardboard layers. The liner board is flat paper on the side. There can be single-wall or double-wall corrugated cardboard. It means that corrugated cardboard boxes are sturdier, and more suitable for the packing, storing, and shipping processes.

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are versatile packaging materials, widely used across industries. These are suitable for all types of businesses that need to ship products. Here are some amazing benefits of using custom cardboard boxes for packing and shipping your products.

1.      Excellent Protection

Cardboard boxes, especially corrugated cardboard is renowned for their excellent strength. Its great strength-to-weight ratio makes it a perfect material for packaging. Corrugated cardboard boxes are versatile and help in protecting the package contents from damage during the shipping process. Depending on the fragility of the product, you can customize the boxes by choosing the thickness you want. The cushioned paper padding inside the outer layer of the box gives it strength while its lightweight allows easy handling.

2.      Cost-Effective

Businesses need an affordable packing solution that serves the purpose without exceeding their budget. Cardboard packaging provides a cost-effective solution because of its low cost. When you order cardboard cartons in bulk, you save a lot of money. Moreover, these boxes are stored flat which means you don’t need much storage space. Customization allows you to get boxes in any shape and size to perfectly fit the product. This saves the cost of additional packaging materials such as bubble wraps, fillers, etc. Cardboard is a lightweight material which means your shipping cost will be less, resulting in saving money.

3.      Customization

Cardboard boxes are customizable which means you can print them in any color or design. Companies use custom-printed cardboard boxes to increase their brand awareness. The versatile surface of these boxes can be printed with the company’s name, logo, messages, and graphics. Customization makes boxes more attractive and improves customer experience.

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