Benefits of Using Crop Dividers & Other Farming Equipment

Over the years, the agriculture industry has advanced tremendously and that has resulted in a boom in food grain production. The traditional methods of farming are being replaced with advanced solutions that result in better and higher productivity. With the use of better quality seeds, smart irrigation, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, as well as advanced tools and machines, farmers are now reaping the benefits of technological improvement. At present, farmers are using advanced tools and machines such as tractors, tillage and harvesting equipment, automated irrigation, air seeding, and more. In addition to this, crop dividers have also immensely helped farmers in separating the crop to be harvested from unharvested crops. A crop divider is used to prevent the crop from entangling and helps in avoiding the formation of slugs of the crop in the harvester. This tool can be mounted on the sprayer and can significantly reduce crop trampling.

A crop divider is farming equipment that is mounted to each of the opposite ends of an agricultural harvesting head. As the harvester moves on the field, the crop divider separates and untangles the crop. The best quality crop dividers are made of corrosion-resistant material and are lightweight. Their height can also be adjusted to suit the crop type. Besides a crop divider, there are many other advanced tools and equipment that help in achieving higher yields and improving the quality of production. All these tools help in mechanizing agriculture and make farming operations more efficient. In addition to this, there are some more amazing benefits of using advanced farming tools and equipment. Read further to know more!

Reduced Costs

As compared to manual operations, machines perform the same operations in less time with more efficiency. With the use of the right machinery, farmers can perform the same operation in less time. This can reduce the cost of labor, as well as prevent costly mistakes. Mechanization provides precision in agriculture that result in cost savings. For instance, crop dividers are found effective in minimizing crop trampling and grain loss by more than 85% which immensely helps in saving cost. It is proven effective in improving harvesting efficiencies by preventing blockages and saving crops from being run over. It is a cost-effective solution that prevents crop damage by dividing the crop.

Avoid Labor Shortage Issue

The traditional methods of farming involve the use of human labor, as well as animals like bullocks and horses. But with mechanization, these tasks are performed by machines such as trucks and power lifts that can perform the same task in less time. It means that even if the farmer doesn’t have enough labor to work on the fields, the same machinery can be used for all fields. As more and more people are shifting to urban areas for better jobs, agriculture has faced an acute labor shortage. But with access to the right machinery, the dependency on labor can be avoided.

Higher Profitability

The above two benefits, that is, cost reduction and low dependence on labor ultimately helps in increasing profitability. When farmers achieve production efficiency, it results in higher yield and more profit.

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