Benefits of workstation cranes

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Workstation cranes are also known as work cells. They are best known for the benefits they give to the workplace. To exemplify, it enhances the productivity of the workplace, improves quality, and ensures a safer working environment. It is one of the precious fixed assets of the workplace. A workstation crane is a sort of industrial crane that consists of a moving bridge that runs across parallel runways. Many companies prefer using these cranes as it helps in easy handling of the material and effective running of the business. In other words, workstation cranes are used to lift heavy loads. Many firs and companies are facing challenges that can be quickly resorted because of the workstation cranes. The primary reason that brought workstation cranes into existence was the high number of cases of workplace injuries. The companies had to incur high compensation costs if a worker got injured while carrying heavy loads. To overcome this issue, workstation cranes gained importance. It facilitates not only easy movement and handling of goods but also easier positioning of the product. Moreover, workstation cranes provide various benefits to the operators as well; they are explained below briefly:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Workstation cranes increase the productivity of the firm to a great extent. It not only makes work easy but also saves time that can be used to improve the productivity of the firm. It increases the overall income for the company. It is evident from various researches that these cranes increase productivity by up to 28%. Less effort is used to operate these cranes as compared to other cranes like I-Beam cranes. Though the cost of these cranes is comparatively high, this cost can be justified by its benefits to the firm. The cost is also covered after some time, and profits are also increased for the firms.
  • Movement and positioning: The workstation cranes, as compared to traditional I-Beam cranes, can move load three times more efficiently. This is evident enough to show the efficiency of the same. It has a unique enclosed track-like structure that makes moving and positioning easy. Further, an increase in strength to weight ratio is observed if the firm uses workstation cranes. Rigidity in runways with anti-binding and trucks is also a feature of the same. Manual handling and positioning of heavy loads if tough, so doing it with the help of workstation cranes makes work manageable.
  • Improved work quality: Workstation cranes not only help cut down the costs of the firm but also improve the quality of the work undertaken by the company. Because of manual handling, the products can get damaged or broken, which can add up to the firm’s cost, but such damages and losses are reduced when the handling is done with machinery, which improves the quality of work. It can also be said that the damage caused to the materials can be eliminated to a great extent because of workstation cranes.
  • Better Utilization of workforce: Understaffing and overstaffing both are critical issues for the firm to manage efficiently. So instead of hiring more people to carry materials and boxes, the firm should invest in workstation cranes. No doubt that the initial cost to buy a workstation crane is high, but it will help save a lot in the long run. These cranes can easily be used as a replacement for various machineries like jib cranes and forklifts. The company can shift staff to the area that requires complete human focus.
  • Modular Design: The expansion and relocation of the workstation crane is easy because of the pre-engineered modular kit design. Various features like runway sections, freestanding support assemblies, and additional bridges can be modified as and when needed.

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