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It was the weekend and suddenly my husband planned to go on a family picnic. He is not a family picnic kind of guy as far as I know. He prefers to stay home and play the game on his PS than to go outside with a teenager and tweens. So when I ask if he is alright and in his mind(never mind we talk to each other like married people) he told me he wants to check something before doing a big thing so we must go. Thus we did go on a picnic that day. All he did was try his best to engage our children in different outdoor activities and try to keep them away from the smart gadgets. But honestly, if you ask me most of the efforts were in vain. So next day when I asked what was it all about he told me he is getting a parental control app for the kids. It was kind of his last attempt to check whether they will leave the gadgets on verbal call and participate in other activities or not.

They did not so he got one of the best parental control app for the iPhone the OgyMogy. Features offered by the spy app can let you keep an eye on the online as well as the real-life of teenagers. For those asking why to bother. It is now or never. This techie generation has almost grown up with social media and the internet. They know things that we did not know so instead of saturating their mind with useless things way before the time why not take action to make sure you are doing your best to deal with the situation.

SmartPhone Obsessed Generation:

We all know how much this generation is obsessed with smartphones. The Global web index states that

  • 98% of young people up to 21% years old own a smartphone.

Almost everyone owns a phone that means they have access to the world’s information and can verify anything on their own. Ever feared that your child may be watching or listening to anything he or she should not watch or listen to inthat as it is inappropriate. There was a time when I was so paranoid about it but my husband found it funny I guess now he understands the real issue.

Manage Screen Time:

With the use of the real-time screen monitoring feature, you can know about all the screen activities and check how much time they spend on the gadgets.

Check Out The Online Interests:

OgyMogy best parental control app for android and iPhone gives access to the bookmark folder of the teenager’s cellphone. You can check out their interest and hobbies and can know about any weird hobby or habit as well.

Control The Web Content:

Internet is the biggest enemy of parents. Even though they have youtube for kids and many other safe sites but even then it is almost impossible to keep them under strict eye 24/7.  Now you can not only check the websites they visit but can even block any content as well.

Monitor Installed App:

Keep an eye on the installed app and know about any dating or violent game app presence in your teenager’s cellphone.

Dive Into Messenger Chat :

Whatsapp spy app, Viber spy app, Telegram spy app, Line spy app, and many instant messenger monitoring apps offered by the best parental control app for iPhone are lifesavers. Don’t believe me just give it a try and you will thank me.

Long Range of Social Media Monitoring App Features:

Who doesn’t have a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat for any other famous social media app? OgyMogy offers a long list of social media monitoring features. With them, you can conquer anything. From disappeared messages on Snapchat to filter use on Instagram and story updates on Facebook. You can check all of them and much more with the Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, and many more.

The results were extraordinary. I have noticed that he has also cut down gadget time for himself as well just to set an example. Well better late than never.  We are very satisfied with the best app tracker for iPhone. You can also check out the android as well as Mac and Windows versions.

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