Bicycle maintenance checklist for every rider


Most of us might be commuting daily on our bicycles. We hardly notice that just like our cars, the bikes we own need to be maintained from time to time. The daily wear and tear might spoil the internal components of the bicycles. Also, it might spoil the entire shape and lead to improper functioning of the bicycle. No matter if you are going on the plains or mountains, you need to keep some points that can expand the life span of your bicycle. The bicycle maintenance and repairs are not easy, and you might have to check everything. It might include whether the tyres are inflated and if all the parts are correctly lubricated.

One of the essential things you should look into when examining the maintenance checklist is a regular inspection by a bike expert. Going for bike maintenance is crucial so that you don’t have to face any problems on the journey. In order to enjoy a better and more pleasant ride, you have to keep specific tips in mind. Keeping up with regular maintenance will avoid potential damages and expand the lifespan of your bicycle. People who take their bicycles in mud or rains need to perform a weekly or monthly maintenance guide. Here is a simple bicycle maintenance checklist for every rider:

Inspect your frames: It is crucial to check your bicycles’ frames and if there are any cracks over them. The cracks usually appear near the welded areas, and the downside of the tube is the most affected area through cracks. So you need to go to a bicycle repair expert who can inspect if there are any cracks on the frames. If this step is neglected, we are having a negative impact on the lifespan of the bicycle as these cracks generally grow over time.

Consider the need for lubrication: Multiple moving parts make us effectively ride our bicycles. This means that the moving parts need to be lubricated in order to make the bicycle last longer. The hinges, breaks, chain, and other parts must be lubricated. Lubrication is regarded as necessary so that the bicycle can work to the best of its efficiency.

Keep your bicycle clean: It is imperative to wipe off your bicycle to keep it running and in top-notch quality. Wiping and cleaning your bicycle after every ride will ensure that the dust and grime are not being gathered on the outer body of the bicycle. We need to ensure that the high-pressure spray is not used when cleaning the bike as it may remove the paint. Using very hard detergents and sprays that companies assure to clean the bicycle are a big no. These may prematurely spoil all the internal machinery of your bicycle. You also need to inspect the wheels and chain of your bicycle so that if there is any grime, you can remove it at the earliest with a piece of cloth.

Replace your brakes: The bicycles need to have proper brakes so that they can run smoothly on roads. If the brakes are not working correctly, we must take the bicycle for servicing. You can perform some straightforward measures on your own such as removing the dirt and grime that has been accumulated on the pads. You will come to know if the pad has hardened and the break is not functioning. This dictates that the breaks if the bicycle needs to be replaced.

Keep a check on the tires: Using your bicycle on a regular basis means that it will go via a lot of wear and tear. You must deflate the tire tube so that it retains at least half a pressure and rotates the wheel in the frame of the bicycle. You rotate the wheels to find out if there are any deep cuts on the tires. If the cuts are deep enough, you must make a smart move and go for replacing the tires.

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