Body Armors: A Ballistic Approach to Safety

Any kind of armor is required to attain protection from different kinds of harm. While the majority of harm might be found by soldiers and warriors, it is not always the case. Lay people may also require body armor in these tough times. Here’s everything you need to know about body armor.

Body armor is the most essential piece of safety gear that community safety workers require for protective measures, but its performance should improve quickly to fight attacks.

While regular body armor doesn’t guarantee protection against bullets and other dangerous attacks, ballistic body armor fills in the missing requirements to effectively protect the wearer. These armors are stab-resistant and protect against almost any kind of sharp weapon.

Why Should Lay People Have This?

Mass shootings and other riots have unfortunately become a part of our grim reality. While these are painful to think about, the best approach to protect yourself in such instances is to have the appropriate pieces of equipment to be able to resist the attacks efficiently.

Recent news reports the killings of young children in different scenarios. People have left no stone unturned to take away the safe and secure feeling these days.

Different Types of Body Armor

To put it simply, there are two sorts of body armor: the one that you wear and the one that you carry around.

  • Bulletproof Vest-

There are many kinds of vests that serve different purposes like the one where concealment is required or in risky scenarios. These are built in a way to deter the force of the bullet on the wearer. These vests are typically designed to save your torso from bullets.

  • Bulletproof Plate Carrier-

Similar to bulletproof vests, plate carriers are also designed to protect the torso. These are, however, more versatile than vests as you can change the usability depending on the degree of threat you face. 

  • Backpacks-

Bulletproof backpacks and bags, as the name implies, are designed to survive a gunshot the same way as a bulletproof suit does. In this instance, you are required to wear it as a backpack and carry it around.  Plates, similar to those seen in vests, are put into the fabric.

  • Inserts-

Bulletproof inserts, contrary to throwing a vest or a plate on, are mere inserts that can be put in a backpack or anywhere else and used only if necessary. The edge this kind of armor has over the other kinds is that it is easy to transfer these from one bag or place to another.

There is more to body armor than just these kits. The armor plate inside is also essential to look at.

  • Soft Armor Plate-

Soft armor could be employed either alone or along with hard armor. Since these are flexible, these plates give robustness and security while being easy to carry around.

  • Hard Armor Plate-

Unlike soft armor plates, these are not flexible and neither are they light weighted. As their name suggests, these are rather hard and are equipped for heavy protection.

Make yourself feel safer by fitting yourself with the best body armor.

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