Common WordPress Image Upload Issues and How to Fix Them


A WordPress issue which is so common is that images do not upload easily. But you will be happy to know that you can fix this issue very easily. The causes of issue can be:

·       An error in the size of file

·       An HTTP error in WordPress

Now I am going to tell you common WordPress image upload issues and how to fix them.

1. Plugins – While uploading the image, problems can occur because of the use of a third-party tool. In order to make sure that the issue of uploading the image can be resolved by deactivating the plugins, you need to deactivate it. But before deactivating it you need to ensure whether its version is latest or not. The problem as mentioned above can arise if you have not updated the plugin. The information about the problem needs to be given to the developer of the plugin when the latest version of the plugin is used by you. The developer will tell you whether the release that will come next will be having this problem or not. Sometimes you need to find a different solution because you cannot make any changes to the plugin if it is useful for the website that you own.

2. Cache – If the uploading of a file is prevented by cache, then the cache needs to be cleared by deactivating the caching plugin. For instance, when the W3 Total Cache Plugin is responsible for the error then you need to follow some steps:

·       Go to the WordPress toolbar

·       Click on Performance

·       Go to Purge All Caches

3. Memory limit – An HTTP error in WordPress can occur at the time of uploading the file. If the traffic is unusual and the resources of the server are low then an error can occur because of this. In this case go for a file re-upload after a few minutes of waiting. But if after doing this there is no solution to the problem then there is a possibility that the memory limit of the WordPress has been exceeded. Here SFTP needs to be connected to the website so that the PHP’s memory amount can be increased. A 256 MB increase in the limit can be achieved by adding the following in the configuration file of WordPress:

define ( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’ ,  ‘256M’ );

4. Error in uploading the file because of its size and name – The name of the file can be the reason behind the error in uploading the file. A problem can occur in the uploader of the WordPress if you use #, &, * or $ which are special characters. So, you need to rename the file. There is a possibility that because of the size of the file and its dimensions the file looks too big. Here you can use a program of editing for changing the dimensions of the file. Tiny PNG is a tool for compressing the image file while maintaining its quality. You can use this tool for a graphic of high resolution and then upload it.

5. Use the uploader of the browser – You need to go for using the uploader of the browser if none of the above-mentioned solutions work. For quick uploading of an image this solution works. It will not work for more than one file. But how does it work? You need to:

·       Go to the Media

·       Click Add New

·       Pick the uploader link of the browser

·       Go to Choose file

With this the image can be uploaded in a dialog.

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