Compact Vacuum Glove Box: All that you want to know

Compact Vacuum Glove Box: All that you want to know

Compact Vacuum Glove Box

Compact Vacuum Glove Boxes a transparent glove box made of acrylic plastic, a basic system designed for wide applications in inert laboratory environments. Customization of these transparent glove boxes is possible to meet the exact requirements of your research. These transparent glove boxes are extremely easy to use, have a table design, are light and compact in size and weight. As these transparent glove boxes are basic models, they are available at a relatively low price.

Compact Vacuum Glove Box 

systems with translucent or clear views are available in two typical configurations. Both transparent glove boxes are almost identical in design, except for the pressure regulator, which differs between the two variants. These transparent glove boxes are completely transparent so that the user can see through them from any direction. These transparent glove box systems are lightweight and can be lifted and transported by the help of two people without much difficulty. Each device can use either two gloves for one person or four gloves for two people.

Compact Vacuum Glove Box

 is capable of withstanding vacuum pressures of up to 29.8 inches of mercury in .Hg and are designed for anaerobic processing in a dry inert gas environment. A wide range of vacuum applications, such as degassing, is utilized with this product. A VCU vacuum control unit from Cleatech is the best choice if you require automated vacuum control. You can get a portable oxygen meter from Cleatech to track the oxygen content.

Features of Compact Vacuum Glove Box

● Made from acrylic plastic

● Lightweight construction     

● Easy to clean interior             

● Transparent clear view from every angle

● Vacuum air locker and side door     

● Prevent moisture absorption            

● Portable size occupies less bench space

● Chemical and scratch resistance cabinet

Benefits of Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic

There are various benefits of using a clear acrylic compact vacuum glove box instead of other materials like glass.

  1. Lightweight: Acrylic is lighter than glass by 50%. So, carrying around the Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic is easier and hassle-free than glass ones. Even though it is lighter, it is stronger than glass.
  2. Impact-resistant: Acrylic is also five times more impact-resistant than glass. So when in the lab setting, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Its resistance to impact makes acrylic a perfect choice for a compact vacuum glove box.
  3. Cost-effective: Apart from being impact-resistant and lightweight, acrylic also costs half of what glass or steel does. So, using an acrylic vacuum glove box will cut down your lab’s expenses.
  4. Transparent: Just like the glass ones, acrylic vacuum glove boxes are transparent too. It makes observing the inside of the chamber easier.
  5. Maintenance: Taking care and maintaining a Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic made of clear acrylic is easy too. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some water to clean it. To avoid material degradation, do not use ammonia-based products for cleaning purposes.

How to safely use Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic?

To use Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylicsafely, follow the following procedures:

  1. Check the gloves every day before performing any experiment. Ensure there are no areas of discoloration from any compromised integrity, no holes in the gloves, or properly connected to the exterior.
  2. Make sure the window area of the box is in robust condition. Check the area where the window is connected to the rest of the box to ensure it’s tightly connected. 
  3. If you use oil in the vacuum glove box, make sure it has been changed recently to avoid any accident. Also, perform a vacuum pump inspection to make sure the lines are intact and in good condition.
  4. Ensure that the vacuum-pump exhaust oil-mist filter is working perfectly and will not break down while in the middle of an experiment.
  5. Also, finally do not forget to check all the pressure gauges and indicators. Ensure they are functioning and are within acceptable ranges.

You should also note that you should have backup measures in place in case of an accident. Do not try to extend the gloves into the box, which might lead to severe stress and over-pressurization. 

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