Covid-19 Impact on our Everyday Lives

In March 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID -19 a pandemic and all of us were unfortunately still trying to understand what has actually happened and how such a deadly virus came about in the first place. Well, we have certainly come a pretty long way from that today, the vaccines have been tested out and million of people got vaccinated in just the last six months. But nothing is ever going to be the same again. We will never be able to look at a person without fear if they cough and there’s no one to blame.

The first thing we might have noticed in the pandemic is how many things we have been taking for granted including the air that we breathe, can you believe that the air pollution levels in a lot of metropolitan cities around the world have seemed to have faced a huge difference in their air pollution levels since the pandemic. How much work do our moms who stay at home go through? How much work do our parents go through? A lot of such small things.

The pandemic essentially helped a lot of us to reflect on ourselves and hit a new start for a better tomorrow. Some of us picked up new hobbies, some of us started new businesses, some even learned new skills, etc. but the impact this has caused on the educational system is a whole new level. With schools closed everyone has been attending online classes, even educational professionals who’ve never tried to interfere with the internet downloaded Zoom on their cell phones to attend classes and teach their students. 

Every place outside has boards or placards saying ‘NO MASK NO ENTRY’ and people also started using anything and everything for their masks. Everywhere we need to go through the disinfection process to keep ourselves safe from the deadly virus. 

If life was crazy before the virus it has become crazier after it, we’ve been applying sanitizer to our hands like never before, newspapers were filled with condolences for people who died because of the disease and a lot of people lost their near and dear ones but the only thing that kept us going was a ray of hope that one day we are going to get past all this hustle and move on with our lives just like before but that seems rather impossible with the amount of fear that everyone has instilled in them because of the pandemic.

Everyone has even started contacting disinfecting services to disinfect everything in their reach just so they feel safe and cleaner. Almost every single thing around us has been through changes and people still fear to take off their masks to talk to someone in public. The severity of the disease or the virus is very low compared to the start of the pandemic but it is still very much present. So, let’s follow the healthcare guidelines and protect ourselves as much as we can. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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