Customize Economical Wine Cellar at Your Home

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Wine Cellars are not the latest concept. They have been in existence for ages. In ancient times also, people used to have homebuilt bars and storage zones where they would spend time with their peers and family members. Home-built bars are a significant asset to crop the expense of weekly visits to a bar or pub. They are a good attraction centre and makes your place stand out by adding value. You get an organized wine collection and can easily maintain your favourite bottles for an extended period. But practically speaking, constructing a wine cellar isn’t as feasible as it sounds. There are a lot of requirements, procedures, expenses that have to be dealt with. An ordinary person cannot build a wine cellar with regular money. It needs a proper controlling system for temperature, storage space, cabinets, racks etc., which will cost a fortune. But don’t worry, this article will help you. We will guide you to build a budget-friendly wine cellar through this article. Keep reading till the end, so you do not miss any critical points. 

Find a suitable space.

A wine cellar is a spacious storage unit that needs to be kept away from outer disturbances and vibrations to maintain the quality of the wine. The room should be isolated from the rest of the house and not in contact with sunlight. If you are on a budget, there is no way you will construct a particular room for cellar purposes. Moreover, typical houses don’t have spare rooms. In that case, you can use your garage or basement or a quarter portions of them to use. Garage and basements are separated from the rest of the building and don’t have any direct sunlight coming. They don’t need construction costs as well. The appropriate place will store the wine bottles without any disturbance and at a suitable temperature. Please make sure the sunlight doesn’t reach your vault; otherwise, it may reverse the ageing process, and the whole meaning of the cellar will be lost. 

Choose affordable insulation options.

The thing that differentiates the wine cellar and standard storage room for liquor is the temperature and humidity controller. The wine needs to be kept at a specific temperature, usually, 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The appropriate humidity to conserve corks is in the 50 to 80 per cent range; otherwise, the wine can easily get oxidized and spoil the taste. Even though the wine refrigerators keep the wine fresh and preserve the flavour, they are able to store the drink for a short period. Thus having a wine vault is necessary. So for that, insulations should be done appropriately. It is crucial to insulate the basement properly. Insulation helps to make the area soundproof and sensation proof. It also acts as a shielding layer that avoids all the outer particles entering the place. Unique insulation materials like steel etc., do these. But it can get expensive and cost you a fortune. You can try out various other options for economic insulation like reflective roll, bubble foil, mineral wool panels, etc. You should first analyse your needs and choose accordingly. Once you have insulated the space, the humidity needs to be set to a specific range for preserving the collection. 

Buy the accessories.

Wine cellar requires quite a few accessories like racks, tables, cabinets etc. You can use your old tables and furniture in that case. As you have to place your bottles in order, you need to build racks and cabinets. An easy way could be that you can make some shelves on the walls and put your favourite bottles on them. It will be easy to access them too. But if the collection is enormous and you require racks, opt for durable and sturdy racks with a considerable capacity. You can find many affordable wine cellar accessories stores online or near your place. But if nothing suits your budget, then prefer building them on your own or purchasing them second hand from a thrift store. You can do the same for cabinets. 

Stock up the wine

Choosing the wine is an entirely personal choice. You should keep the collection of wine that you enjoy. But if you don’t want to compromise on the taste and still want to work on a budget, we have a tip for you. Purchase the wine bottles in bulks which will cost you less than buying individual bottles. This will help to pay you back your money. As you will have wine storage space, you can easily stock a significant quantity of bottles without worrying much about the area. 

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