Different Research Tools That Can Help in Academic Research

Research Tools

A device or an instrument that we can use to collect the data is a research tool. The most important examples of the research tools are interviews, checklists and surveys etc. We use all of them to gather the data. We have to research different ways and for different purposes. That’s why we need to select the best data collection tools and methods. While selecting the research tools for laptops, we should make sure that we can easily get the answers to the research questions. When you will select the suitable tools for data collection, you can increase the integrity of the research. It is also the best way to reduce the likelihood of errors. Here, we will discuss the best research tools that can provide help in academic research.

Google Scholar:

It is the one among free online research tools for researchers. By using this tool, the researchers can easily search the academic literature, journals and scientific articles. This tool doesn’t only provide access to the well-known databases of the researchers. You can also use this tool to look for the articles in the university repositories. This tool also allows the researchers to set keyword alerts. When someone publishes an article relevant to your keywords, Google Scholar will send an alert. You can also receive alerts from the publications of your best writers. After gathering enough research papers, you can also organize these research papers by using Google Scholar. After publishing your research paper on Google Scholar, you can also get notifications when someone uses a reference for your research paper.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is among the most widely used research tools for academic research. It has lots of features that you can use for your research project. If you will have to do lots of qualitative analysis, Microsoft Excel is a must-have tool for you. Microsoft Excel has a wide range of statistical functions. In these statistical functions, there comes average, max, sum and min etc. You can easily apply these statistical functions to the cells just with the help of few clicks. This tool also allows the researchers to visualize the data by using a wide variety of chart types. The users can also use pivot tables. They can use these pivot tables to organize or generate summaries of the data. You can also use this tool for complex statistical analysis.

Statistical Testing Tools:

While writing a research paper, you will have to back up your claims. For the backup of your claims, you can use various statistical methods and analysis. Statistical analysis has become an integral part of both qualitative and quantitative types of research. To perform the required statistical analysis, you can use various tools. These statistical tools also allow the researchers to make their work sound scientific. You can use these tools to perform basic calculations like mean, standard errors and confidence intervals etc. You can also use these tools to perform some complex statistical tests. In these statistical tests, there comes T-Test, Chi-square test and F-Test etc. The most important statistical testing tools that you can use for academic research are GraphPad, Easy Calculation and SurfStat etc.


As a researcher, if you are looking for a social network site for research work, ResearchGate is the best choice for you. ResearchGate has almost 11 million users. In these users, there come researchers, scientists and PhD students. You can easily create an account on this site by using your valid email address. After creating an account, you can list the publication and upload the full-text papers. As a researcher or an academic, if you are looking for the best collaboration tool, it is the best choice for you. You can get updates regarding interesting topics. The users can get notifications about new publications. It is also the best research tool for researchers. You can research in collaboration with various institutions.


As told by a PhD dissertation help firm, while writing a research paper, you will have to organize your notes. Scrivener is one among the best research tools that you can use to write and organize notes. You can easily use this tool to write long writing projects. After signing up for this tool, you will get quick access to its editor. It will provide enough help to the researchers to keep all the things in the right place. The researchers can also break their writing projects into manageable sections. After breaking these projects, they can also join these sections by using the same tool. When you will write your research paper, it will show the synopsis of your data. It will also show the word count and metadata. The researchers can easily use it on desktop as well as mobile phones.


No doubt, the researchers have to gather the data from various resources. After gathering data from these resources, they have to create references and citations of these resources. If they fail to provide the references and citations of these resources, they may have to face plagiarism issues. This is the best tool to create real-time references and citations for your research project. You can easily create these references and citations just with the help of few clicks. It is a free tool with limited functionality. Anyhow, if you want to enhance its functionality, you will have to buy its premium plan.

Project Management Tools:

Along with writing a research paper, you will have to do lots of tasks. It means that you will have to handle multiple deadlines at the same time. Under such a situation, it will be difficult for you to manage your research project. When you will use this tool, you can easily manage the time for different research processes. You can also visualize the time that requires completing the research project. The researchers can also execute their plans by following simple visuals. Lots of project management tools are available. You can choose one of them according to your requirements. The best project management tools that you can use to manage your projects are Microsoft Project, ToDoist and Trello etc.

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