Electric motor failure: Signs, causes, and solutions

An electric motor, the primary core component of almost every electric gadget, is present. Without it, the machine will either fail to generate the required results or will not provide any results at all. These devices’ motors are essential to how they function. The lifespan of the electric motors is fixed. Furthermore, regular care is necessary for them to survive a long time. Your electric motor will likely not last very long if you don’t perform the required maintenance. Electric motor failure can have a wide range of causes. One of the known causes is contamination; because people typically do not take good care of their electric motors, a lot of dust, grime, and dangerous chemicals build up on them, affecting the motor and leading to failure. Overheating is still another well-known cause; it’s the main one. It has also been claimed that overheating is the root cause of 55% of electric motor failures. Low resistance, overloading, winding failures, electrical or mechanical problems, etc., are additional causes. You should better understand what goes wrong when it does and take steps to avoid it. And the best method to deal with a problem is to look for signs and identify its potential causes.

Signs of electric motor damage

Sign 1: Overheating

One of the most common symptoms of a motor injury is overheating. You should get the electric motor checked to see if it is overheating. Electrical problems, mechanical problems, and the wrong load can all lead to overheating. Although the load is the most common cause of overheating, you should replace your electric motor if you find it happening regularly rather than attempting to fix it. It’s likely that the machine has reached the end of its useful life and won’t last or perform properly even after repair.

Sign 2: Disturbing machine noises

Any time a machine makes noise, something is wrong with it. 

Any device or appliance that isn’t operating correctly will generate an odd noise. Therefore, if you hear any weird noises, the machinery is broken. The electric motor is the element that powers the device. After many years of use, the electric motor’s bearing will ultimately deteriorate and break, producing noise. The engine has to be replaced or fixed, depending on the extent of the damage if the noise is not too loud.

Sign 3: Repetitive ON-OFF

You must have seen that appliances sometimes frequently stop in between the process, even when the wires are correctly plugged. It also implies that the electric motor needs to be modified. Your electric motor should generate enough power to keep the machinery operating. You need to replace the electric motor if it is delivering insufficient power.

Causes of electric motor damage


Over-current, also known as overload, occurs when the electric motor’s windings experience an intense current flow that exceeds the maximum amount for which they were intended. This could be caused by a low voltage supply, which would force the motor to draw more current to maintain its torque. Short circuits or an excessive electricity supply can likewise have the same effect. Installing adequate over-current security that eventually detects an overcurrent and cuts off the supply is the only way to prevent electric overload.

Low- power

Without a doubt, poor resistance contributes to electric motor failure. What causes low resistance is now the question. The deterioration of the windings’ insulation, further fuelled by corrosion, any physical harm, or overheating, leads to low resistance. The lack of isolation between the motor windings ultimately results in short circuits, leaks, and, in the end, motor failure. Now, the only way to prevent the problem of low resistance is to regularly inspect the insulation and keep an eye out for symptoms of wear and tear. Furthermore, if replacement is required, it should be carried out right away to avoid total failure.

Solution of electric motor damage In standard cases, it’s better to go for motor repair from an expert technician, but if your electric motor is very old and cannot provide efficient working, it’s better to replace it. Moreover, if there is constant noise coming from the engine or there is a frequent issue of overheating or overloading, then don’t wait and immediately look for an electric motor replacement. Otherwise, prolonged neglect ion can lead to machine damage. So buy a motor from a trusted source by inspecting thoroughly.

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