Everything you need to know about leather belts

Belts are the most stylish accessory for anyone who wants to keep it basic and still look put together. It is a simple yet the most elegant clothing item that one can wear, especially leather belts. Leather belts can be accessorized with any outfit: casual jeans and T-shirts or a formal stitched suit. It complements all the costumes. Men dressing wardrobes have high importance of leather belts as with the minimum accessories that men carry; these belts work as a minimalistic charm. Nowadays, outfits are given much priority as a person’s lifestyle and personality can be judged based on his dressing sense. Each element of what you wear reflects how as a person, you are. The modern world takes dressing very seriously, unlike traditional times. Every sector, be it show business, commerce, industries, institutes, etc., has a dressing code. Even candidates in interviews are selected based on their attire and how they carry themselves in it. So your clothes need to be very classy, fashionable and modish. Leather belts add those wonders to your outfit. They are an element of style and elegance. Many evolvements have been there in the design and quality of luxury leather belts through the times. Now, several different trends and varieties can be found in apparel stores that can fit a range of events, preferences and outfits. One can carry leather belts with any kind of outfit without much thought on how will it look. It’s a leather belt; it will always look good. If you are a leather belt enthusiast, you will get the point, and if you are trying to transform your wardrobe by changing your dressing sense, then you will love to explore more. So keep on reading this article till the end to understand the quality, type and standard of these belts and what you need for your closet.

General Characteristics of a Leather Belt:

  • The most common colours of leather belts are black, brown, dark blue and sometimes maroon. These colours come in muted shades with dark tones. 
  • Leather belts are a versatile adornment that can be styled with any outfit like party wear, formal, professional wear, and casual clothes.
  • Leather belts are available in many variants like full-grain leather, calfskin, top grain leather, bonded leather etc.

Let us look into some key features of a leather belt that make it such a prestigious accessory for any occasion and time of the day. 

Key features of high-quality leather belts:

Many stores of leather belts claim to be authentic and trade in good quality, but it’s not always the case. The stuff is often fake and cheap and gets torn out after a few wears. Moreover, investing your money in luxury leather belts is a huge deal for some people. So it is essential to be alert from the fraud and get your hands on a real and high-quality belt. 

The best leather belts will generally have the following features:

  • A good quality leather belt will be solid without any cracks or holes.
  • The buckle in the superior leather belt will be of a suitable material and will not look cheap.
  • The colours of the leather belt will always be subtle and not tacky.
  • The touch of the belt will be very soft and delicate.
  • The belt will be hard and not fragile that will get prints of folds around the buckle.
  • A premium quality leather belt will be water-resistant. You cannot do a water test in the store by yourself, so you can ask the store manager to get it for you. A pure leather will absorb the water within a few seconds. 
  • Real leather has a raw, fresh smell that will last for a very long time. The fake leather belts can often be spotted with an artificial perfume smell.
  • It also comes down to the store that you are visiting. A premium quality leather belt store will always sell a genuine product.

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