Exploring the Exotic Fruits Section


There are many people who are all about cooking new dishes and finding new recipes. However, the nature does not disappoint when it comes to fruits and vegetables that are limited to a particular part of the world only. These rare fruits are sometimes great for trying out and they carry around a taste and aroma that is quite unique. Therefore, it is necessary for the people who are looking to give their kids something healthy to eat and they want to find some variety that has a lot of benefits to offer with limited amount of calories then these things can add a lot of weight to the pallet.

The rarest fruits in the World

There are some fruits that are limited to a particular part of the world only. One such fruit is mangosteen. This fruit looks like a pomegranate on the outside and has a white and sectioned flash on the inside. Due to its sweet and tangy flavor many people compare it with the mangoes. Therefore, it is named as such as well. This fruit is native to the continent of Africa and it has become popular in the mainstream global markets recently.

With the help of internet the people who are looking for these rare fruits share them with their followers. When the people are visiting a native land they ensure that they present their guests with this special type of fruit. Therefore, this fruit is popular in the all parts of the world today. Many farmers have started to plant it on a massive level to sell it on the markets where its demand is rising every day. There are also some restaurants and ice cream places that have started to offer a mangosteen flavored dishes on their menu.

The Different Fruits and Flavors

Due to the limited supply, this fruit is still limited and quite expensive. However, for the native people it has always been a great source of nutrition and health benefits. In some parts of the world, this fruit is also considered a good option for the use in some mild diseases. Since the flesh on the inside is soft and sweet it is a great option for the young toddlers who still do not have teeth. Another amazing and rare fruit is persimmon or kaki fruit. This fruit is native to the Asian continent. In places like South Korea it is sold in high demand.

People use this fruit in their daily routines so much that they keep it dry for the winter seasons. However, in the Middle Eastern countries it is sold only when available in a fresh condition. The mild and jelly like flavor of this fruit makes it an ideal option for kids. There are many health benefits associated with this fruit as well. Usually people like to consume the fruit after they have done with their work. It is also used as a sweet dish substitute after a meal. It is considered that the kiko fruit has amazing digestive properties. For the most part, even the elderly people who do not have a lot of teeth want to use this fruit to complete their daily nutritional requirements.

One great benefit of the said fruit is that it is thought to be very rich in Vitamin C supply. Therefore, the people who are suffering from skin problems and issues are advised to consume it more often. This fruit is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. The people who are dealing with digestive issues can eat this fruit to improve their gut health. There are a very few dishes that are made with persimmon. However, the people in the western countries have started to purchase and order it from the other markets. It is considered a priced possession of Asian culture and it is also regarded to have an amazing and unique flavor that is very similar to passion fruit. The acidic nature of the fruit can also make the tongue feel a little numb if it is consumed in a huge quantity.

Taste the delicious prickly pear

There is one more fruit that very little people must have heard about. It is called prickly pear. This is one of the fruits that are most amazing and wonderful. It is found on top of a cactus and it is hailing from the region of Mexico. The people these days have started to plant it to supply it to the bigger markets. However, it is important to understand that there are many types of cactus found in the desert. It is not a good idea to pick out any fruits from random cacti because it can be poisonous. There are hundreds and thousands of types of these fruit and not all of them are edible. Therefore, it is better to have a trained guide. Or better still buy the fruit from the local market where the shopkeepers are planting them in their backyard.

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