Fall in Love With These 4 Vietnamese Vegan Dishes

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Vietnamese cuisine is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. Vietnam is one of those Asian countries that has embraced vegetarianism and veganism since ancient times. Due to many vegetables and herbs, Vietnam has a distinct and savory range of vegetarian dishes.

Many people associate Vietnamese cuisine with pho and often order different types of pho at pho restaurants near themBut there are many dishes other than pho that are a must-try, especially if you love exploring the vegetarian dishes available in Vietnamese cuisine. Some of the Vietnamese vegetarian dishes that any vegan will love are mentioned below-

  • Nom- traditional Vietnamese salad

Nom is a traditional Vietnamese salad that contains a lot of greens and tropical fruits. It is one of the flavorful dishes that is loved by the majority of Vietnamese. The base ingredients include cabbage, turnip, papaya, and banana leaves. Green mango, cucumber, and banana flowers are also essential ingredients of this delicious dish.

Nom is one of the most refreshing, yummy, and aesthetically beautiful dishes that one can order. Hot chili peppers, roasted peanuts, and shredded carrot make this dish more flavorful and well-balanced. However, you need to be careful while ordering because Nom is a versatile dish, so some places also add shredded pork to the dish. Nom is served with side dishes like prawns which you can choose not to order.

  • Canh Khoai Mo- Purple Yam soup

Canh Khoai Mo is a beautiful and delicious creamy purple yam soup. The star of the dish is Vietnamese Yam, known as Yampi Root. The yams are boiled with vegetable broth, water, and mushroom seasoning. Garlic, onions, and other spices are also added to make the soup even more delicious. The Yam soup is healthy, fragrant, and appetizing. 

  • Cai Xao Nam- bok choy and shitake mushroom

Cai Xao Nam is an exquisite vegetarian dish from Vietnam. The flavor of shitake mushroom is enhanced by fried bok choy. Soy sauce, baby corns, spices, garlic, herbs, and mushroom seasoning are added to Cai Xao Nam to bring out its unique flavor. It is often served with steamed sticky rice and tofu pieces. It is a must-try vegan dish. You can have Cai Xao Nam as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a quick healthy snack.

  • Banh Khoai Tay Chien- fried potato cakes

Banh Khoai Tay Chien is one of the favorite snacks of Vietnamese people, and it is gaining popularity globally as well in recent years. The sweet potatoes are boiled and mashed with grated coconuts, green beans, and some spices. It is then molded into small pancakes and fried till Banh Khoai Tay Chien cakes are golden brown. Also,It is served with peanut dip and spice sprinkled all over. It is one of the most nutritious Vietnamese food that everyone loves.


There are many Vietnamese dishes that vegans can try instead of eating vegetarian pho near them at a restaurant. Being a vegan in Vietnam is relatively easy, and plant eaters can add many varieties to their eat list. People can search for different Vietnamese dishes served at the pho restaurant near them by scrolling through the menu.

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