Find out truck accident lawyer Houston

truck accident lawyer Houston

A victim injured in a truck accident faces enormous physical and emotional damages, in addition to medical bills, lost wages, and other unexpected financial difficulties. Victims of truck accidents need a Houston personal injury attorney who has the knowledge and experience to handle the specific issues raised by these types of injury claims.

Compliance with federal regulations

The US Department of Transportation has specific regulations on how many miles truckers can drive within a certain period. An experienced truck accident lawyer Houston understands these federal motor vehicle safety regulations and other laws that can affect a person’s claim.

To get all the money he deserves, a truck accident victim must go truck driver and the trucking company, the loader, the insurance company, and their investigators. The defence team is experienced and well prepared and jumps into action the moment the accident occurs. The truck accident victim is often outmatched and quickly overwhelmed by the defence team and their smooth defence tricks.

Investigating the accident

The trucking company will likely conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene (including photos) and the vehicles involved immediately after the accident. Additionally, the trucking company will make every effort to obtain recorded statements from any witnesses it can find.

Truck accident victims have no time to waste. This is why plaintiffs must have an experienced team on their side that acts quickly. Building a case that will get truck accident victims all the money they deserve begins when the accident occurs.

When you are overwhelmed by a truck accident, you need to enlist the help of an experienced truck accident attorney. The accident victim should focus on getting the medical care they need for their injuries, while their attorney can handle all aspects of building their case and protecting their rights.

Teamwork between a client and a Houston truck accident attorney is the only way to fully combat the attack from the trucking companies and their team of attorneys and investigators.

The damages suffered by truck accident victims can be serious, long-term, and even life-threatening.

Injuries such as spinal cord damage, head trauma, burns, broken bones, and paralysis are not uncommon. The destructive nature of them can permanently affect all aspects of a truck accident victim’s life. It takes a lot of money to get proper care for these types of injuries, an amount that often exceeds the insurance coverage that most people have.

Who is responsible?

Parties that can be held liable in a truck accident case include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The company that leased the truck
  • Trailer owner, if connected
  • The leasing company of the trailer
  • The company that made the truck itself

These responsible parties present an opportunity to raise money for medical bills, lost wages, and especially pain and suffering. Experienced Houston truck accident attorneys know the type of evidence necessary to win a truck accident case.

Just one example is the official driving records that transport companies must keep which document how long the driver had worked and how much rest he received in the hours and days before the accident. These records provide critical evidence to determine whether the driver and the company complied with all federal safety regulations.

Checking the driver’s record

Another essential piece of evidence is the record of the specific driver involved in the collision. Did the driver have a history of accidents or violations of federal or state law? Did the driver have the training and experience necessary for your trip, the particular truck, and the load it was carrying?

A trucking accident victim should not resolve their claims against the trucking company for their injuries until these and other questions have been asked by a Houston truck accident attorney and fully answered by the trucking company.

In these circumstances, there is a possibility that product liability law may provide an additional and essential avenue for recovery of damages. Without the advice and help of a Houston truck accident attorney, a truck accident victim may not even realize the full scope of their claim or identify all the claims available to them.


Truck accidents are often traumatic and complicated for accident victims and include serious injuries and substantial financial hardship. A truck accident victim should not go through the process alone when experienced Houston truck accident attorneys are ready to help.

An experienced Houston truck accident attorney is ready to help truck accident victims in their time of need.

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