Furniture Hire Checklists: Where to Begin with Hiring Furniture for Your Wedding


Because of corona a lot of problems have been faced by a number of industries. The wedding industry also faced various problems. There was a ban on mass gatherings. No permission was given to open the venues. All this happened because of cancellations and postponements of the weddings. But now the grooms and brides in the UK have started thinking about marrying because of the ease in the lockdown. In order to make the marriage unforgettable the people are revisiting the plans. Now I am going to describe the checklists of furniture hire and where to begin with hiring furniture for your wedding.

Identify the requirements of furniture hire

If you do not have any earlier experience of how to plan a wedding then you may have to face some difficulties for doing this. In order to identify what is required for the wedding, you need to experience everything that happens in the wedding from start to the finish. You can start with a checklist of furniture hire so as to plan your wedding. Using the checklist as a framework will help you a lot. It will help you in fulfilling all your requirements related to marriage.

Checklist of furniture hire for wedding ceremony

  • For shade you can use umbrellas.
  • For refreshments after the ceremony, you can have a service bar or an occasional table.
  • In order to arrange flowers on the signing table you can use a vase.
  • For keeping the confetti in the ceremony programs, you can have a vessel or a basket.
  • In order to keep the confetti in the ceremony programs, you can have an occasional table.
  • For displaying your signage, you can use a stand or an easel.
  • A signage that is directional.
  • Signing chairs and signing tables.
  • For guests you can have bench seats or ceremony chairs.
  • A rug, backdrop or a ceremony arbor.

Checklist of furniture hire for wedding cocktail

  • Fencing.
  • Floral arrangements with the help of vases.
  • For coffee tables and dry bars, you can use candle holders and tealights.
  • For the furniture that you use for a lounge you need to have textiles, rugs and cushions.
  • For the purpose of shade, you can use umbrellas.
  • For food you need to have napkins, cutlery and plates.
  • For food service like antipasto platters, you need to have a grazing table.
  • Restrooms and lawn games are the miscellaneous things that need signage.
  • The drinks menu also needs signage.
  • Tubs for drinks.
  • In order to serve drinks, you need glassware.
  • For the purpose of serving drinks, you need a service bar.
  • Coffee tables + picnic rugs, stools, dry bars, chairs, cafĂ© tables, sofa packages are included in the lounge settings. You have to use these as the seats for having cocktails.

Checklist of furniture hire for wedding reception

  • A backdrop table for the bride.
  • A backdrop booth for taking photos.
  • In order to deliver a speech, you need a lectern.
  • For holding the seating plan and menu you need a stand or an easel.
  • For desserts you need platters and cake stands.
  • A dessert station or cake table.
  • A gift table.

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