Getting My Hair growth medicine To Work

When most people encounterthe issue of male baldnessandloss of hairat an early stage they may takeoral growth pillsorapplyexternalgrowth productsfor treatment as soonasis possible.If the loss of hairgets more severe it is common for themtowards seekingtreatment.Treatment options that are more professional,such as hair growth treatmentand surgical hair transplantation.In fact, which treatmentoption to choose depends onnumerous factors, such asthe reason for hair loss along with the condition of the scalp, as well as thevariations in hair loss. Ifyou’re keen toaddress the problem of loss of hair Let’s take a lookat this article to showyou two of the most widely usedmethods-“hairgrowing medicine”or” 植髮明星 ” “The advantages, disadvantages, and side effects, so as to find the most suitable treatment for you!”

Oralhair growth medications

Theprimary ingredients in  生髮藥副作用 their market include male hormone inhibiters. By inhibiting male hormones, it reduces the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that can damage hair follicles, which helps protect hair follicles and solve the problem of hair loss.

1. Advantages:

Since the root cause ofandrogeneticbaldness is due toexcessiveDHT male hormonesinthe body oral hair growth pillswhich inhibitDHTare able to have an impacton general androgenetic alopecia problemsandcan solve the problemin the beginning by eliminating the cause.

2. Disadvantages:

Thereis no therapeutic benefiton hair loss due toother causes, such asstress, geneticsor diseases and so on., and once thehair folliclesbecome damaged due toDHT,therecan be no recoveryorreturn to thehair. Evenwhen taking oral hair growthdrugs, they may decreasethelevelsof DHTwithinthe body. It is able to stopanother healthy hair shaftfrombeing destroyed. Itis impossible to achievegenuine”hair growth” and treatment.Therefore, oral hair growthmedications can only slowthe progression of thehair lossissue, but cannot achieve true”hair growth” and “hair loss treatment”.

3. Side effects:

Women and children who are pregnantshould avoid exposure tothe oral growth agents, otherwise it may causefetal malformations and abnormal development.Male users might experience decreasedlibido and reduced erectile functionwhile taking treatment and then graduallyreturn to normal when they stopthemedication.

Topicalhair growth medications

Through expandingblood vesselsofyour scalp as well as opening up potassium ion channelsagents are used to deliveran increase in oxygen levels and nutrition tohair follicles in order to encouragethe hair follicles ‘ growth from theperiod of rest to the growthphase.

1. Advantages:

The use of the product is quickandeasy, and the price isfairly low.The overall side effectsarefar less serious than the side effectsof oral growth pills.

2. Disadvantages:

The topical treatment for hair loss canhelp to accelerate and promotethehair growth process,however, it will not inhibitDHTinthe body, meaningit can’t protecthair folliclesagainst damage.There are obvioussigns of hair growth inthebeginning of usingan topical restorer for hair,but it is onlyan interim solution andbut not a solution that lasts forever.Method: If you onlydepend on topical hair growthproducts without other treatmentsthere’s a good chance thatthe best treatment timewill be missed andtheloss of hairgetsmoreserious.

3. Side effects:

生髮偏方 must be applied directlytothe scalp, where loss of hairis occurring.Pay attention to whetheringredients will cause skin sensitivity.If severe redness, irritationand swelling occur the product should be stopped.any topical hair-tonics.

Hair transplant surgery

Following the procedure, thehair folliclesthat are located in the backocciput will be transplanted to theupper part of the scalpandforehead, as well asother areas where hair loss has occurred.Once the hair transplant surgeryis completed, hairfollicles will regenerate healthy hair.

1. Advantages:

SinceDHTonly destroys thehair folliclesin the topof theforehead and head, the hair follicles transplantedfrom the backocciputrenew healthy hairandthe effect will belong-lasting.It’s not necessarytoworry about loss of hairat all after the procedure.

2. Disadvantages:

It is recommended to waitsix to twelve months followingtheprocedure for hair transplants toseethe finalresults.

3. Side effects:

Hair transplant surgerymay causetiny cuts duringtheprocedure, andan appropriate recovery time isneeded.

Hair transplant center recommendation

Thedifferent treatments above forhair lossoffer advantages however they also have disadvantages as well as side effects.But, hairtransplant surgery isthe only solutionthat can completely solvetheproblem of hair loss and alsolast for a lifetime.Patients who are lookingtosolvethe problem of loss of hairmust ensure that they visit a reputableandreliable hair transplant centersfortreatment.

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