Glass Cabinets- Is It A Good Choice?

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A kitchen is a place in your house that needs to be upgraded from time to time, to keep up with the financial value of your house. It is not just a place where you cook; it is a place where you quarrel, share experiences and laugh. It should be designed in a way that is unique and different from others. Generally, people use regular cabinets, a marble countertop, a small kitchen island with basic functionality in their kitchen. But, what if we tell you that you can have a different modular kitchen installed with glass cabinets and up-to-date technology. Yes, this is a unique idea but people do not prefer it because using glass in the kitchen seems more stressful and hectic. Let us look into some of the perspectives of using a glass cabinet in the kitchen.

A glass cabinet is a regular cabinet that has glass shelves along with a glass door. This increases transparency and hence you need to keep everything managed. The athletic appeal of a glass cabinet is mesmerizing and something you cannot miss. There are plenty of other types of glass cabinets also if you are not a person who wants transparency. Moreover, lighting plays a very crucial role when you have glass cabinets. You can have cabinet lights to bring in a nice ambience in your kitchen.

Glass cabinets will quickly steal the spotlight with their polish and sparkle, providing a pleasant break from wooden and laminate surfaces. Glass doors with distinctive shapes and designs will turn your cabinets into works of art.  If you want you can have hand-crafted lattice cabinets, cabinets with coloured glass, or even stained and carved glass fronts.

On the other hand, using glass doors require lots of precautions. There are chances of Glass door being cracked or damaged. You need to handle it with care. If there is clutter in your kitchen, it would be visible. Glass cabinets are versatile elegant and timeless and always proves to be a good choice in terms of appeal and aesthetics. But one needs to be careful while using it.

Types of glass cabinets

  1. transparent glass

The first and the very basic type of a glass cabinet is a transparent cabinet that uses regular glass shelves along with a glass door with a hundred per cent transparency. This is a classical and most elegant form of cabinet which can be used in your kitchen. You need to be careful while using glass and hence it is better to use a guard to prevent breakage. You can use single flat panels or go for decorative panels too. Moreover, you need to rest sure that everything is arranged properly in the cabinet. You cannot have stuff just stuffed in anyhow. You need to even prevent your cabinets from fingerprints and smudges.

  • Frosted glass

A frosted cabinet is translucent and suits perfectly with a mate kitchen. It does not let people take a sneak peek into your cabinet and hint you can keep stuff the way you want. You can get a customized design so that your kitchen is unique. It is completely opaque but one can easily distinguish between the colours behind the cabinet.

  • Textured glass

There are many varieties of textured glass, some of which are more common than others. This is a tricky style because certain styles are prone to being a fad and easily going out of style, leaving you with a boring kitchen design. You may prevent this by sticking to some of the more straightforward and modern patterns. Textured glass is intriguing, visually and tactically,

  • Seeded glass

This is a special type of glass that includes bubbles of various sizes. It is available in plenty of styles and gives your kitchen a unique vintage and traditional look. This could be one of the most modern types of glass that are being used. It partially hides to stuff kept inside the cabinet. The texture of this material is charming to the eyes. If you want to have something different in your modular kitchen then it is better to go for a seeded glass cabinet. use smaller seeding if you want to show off dishware, collectables, or other cabinet contents. Larger bubbles can help to hide less-than-perfect displays.

  • Leaded glass

Leaded glass has an artisanal feel and is used to create a classical and elegant appearance, and its style can be spun in a myriad of contexts, from Gothic to Craftsman. If you want a splash of colour, stained or art glass is a great option. The leaded glass contains a lot of lead. The high content of the heavy metal is responsible for the glass’s distinct appearance and colour, which distinguishes it and makes it valuable for its decorative qualities. Leaded glass is exquisite and has a very pleasing artisanal appearance, but it can be difficult to come by. If you feel confused between seeded and Leaded Glass, reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers who can give you a proper insight and a basic difference between both of the glasses.

This was all about having glass cabinets in your kitchen. Using glass cabinets in a modular kitchen has been an immortal trend and has a good scope for years in years. Having beautifully crafted glass in your modular kitchen will help you feel lively and connected to what is your kitchen. Creativity is something that can be incorporated in anything you do and then why should kitchens be left behind. Along with these glass doors, you can use the most famous cabinet technologies including Touch open technology which is popularly known as servo drive technology used in cabinets.

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