A Deep Guide To Clear Azure DP 100- Designing And Implementing A Data Science Solution On Azure

If you intend to pursue certification as an Azure Data Science Associate. Then, you are at the right place. Everything you need to know about the DP-100, a Microsoft Azure cloud computing and data science certificate that assesses your capacity to develop and deploy machine learning solutions using Azure ML, can be found in this article.

What Is DP-100?

For all data enthusiasts, DP 100 certification is the gold standard in data science. It’s a liberating, flexible, self-paced learning environment. Once finished, users can work on Azure without the hassle and create models, keep track of experiments, create pipelines, and tune hyper parameters the AZURE way. One is a Microsoft-certified professional after the completion of this Microsoft certification.

Exam Details

The DP-100 exam is moderately challenging. Here are the crucial details regarding the DP-100 exam that you should know about:

  • Total number of questions: 40–60 questions
  • Duration: 120-minute time limit
  • Cost of the exam: $165 or ₹4500
  • Question Format: Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank with options to complete code, scenario-based questions, sequence reordering (no case studies).
  • Incorrect answer penalty: There is no penalty for wrong answers.
  • Passing Score: 700 / 1,000 points (70%)
  • Retake Policy: 24-hour waiting period after 1st failure. The 14-day waiting period after 2nd, 3rd, and 4th failures. The 1-year waiting period after the 5th failure.
  • Testing Environment: Online via Pearson VUE or on-site.
  • Languages available: English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese

Topics Asked In The Exam

The content of the DP-100 exam can be divided into four main parts:

  1. Manage Azure resources for machine learning (25–30% of the exam)
  2. Run experiments and train models (20–25%)
  3. Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions (35–40%)
  4. Implement responsible machine learning (5–10%)

Skills Tested In The DP-100 Exam

The skills measured in the DP-100 include:

  • Develop models (40–45%): Most questions in this area will be general and independent of programming language or SDK.
  • Get the data ready for modeling (25-30%): This section has the second-highest percentage and will include general knowledge questions and Microsoft Platform-specific topics. There might be a few challenging questions in this field.
  • Feature engineering tasks (15-20%): Although this section only makes up a small portion of the exam, there can be a few problematic questions.
  • Make the development environment clear and ready (15-20%): All questions about the Microsoft Azure platform will be found in this section. So, you should at least understand the various tools, platforms, and services.

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How Should You Prepare For The DP-100 Exam?

Here are a few tips for the DP-100 exam:

  • Use the free DP-100 Learning path from Microsoft: Microsoft offers free tools to assist you in getting ready for the DP-100 exam. The learning path for the DP-100 exam, “Build and operate machine learning solutions with Azure Machine Learning,” offers 15 modules of excellent material. Before taking the exam, make sure you can pass each knowledge check. There are also many online learning solution websites where you can find the study material.
  • Do spend time learning the Azure ML SDK for python: To pass the DP-100 exam, you need to understand the Azure Machine Learning SDK for python well. The best way to do that is to review the Azure Machine Learning Labs provided by Microsoft Learn.
  • Register for a free Azure trial account to use Azure ML in practice. For the first 30 days after creating your Azure account, Microsoft provides $200 in Azure credits. It would help if you used this opportunity to test some Azure ML Learning Labs.
  • Don’t ignore the content distribution: When studying, you should make a plan to divide your attention among those percentages. Focus more on the part on which most questions are based. Considering that 25–30% of the current trial is about Azure resource management for ML, it might be a better use of your time to get acquainted with Azure’s foundations.
  • Don’t go for any practice exam related to DP-100: Exam dump websites include actual exam questions collected by test takers in the past. By using exam dumps, you risk losing your Microsoft certifications for life and receiving a failing grade on your current exam.

Now, you know everything about the DP-100 exam. Follow the above tips to excel in the DP-100 exam.

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