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Halloween Decorations and Accessories

The Halloween Season is Coming Up! So don’t forget it’s time to start getting everything you need for the Halloween Celebrations such as Costumes, Candy, and my favorite Spooky Decorations, keep reading because you may just find some Inspiration from us to help with your Scary Halloween Party.

1 – Creepy Carnival

If you would like to scare your guests this Halloween then this might be the one for you, this is a Creepy Carnival Party Decoration Idea, this set comes with a few backgrounds to set the Carnival scene plus there are multiple signs which say ‘Enter if you Dare’ ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Keep Out!’ which starts the dangerous creepy theme to you carnival along with these there are Rats and Spiders to place on the walls on the ceiling, we recommend a few items to go along with this Carnival theme these items are scary Clown Costumes to fit in with the Carnival and to scare your guests with a variety of other Halloween Decorations and Accessories.

2 – Field of Screams

Welcome your guests to a Field of Screams this Halloween Night, this Field of Screams Wall Decorations set includes two centerpieces for the wall as well as the Field of Screams words/logo along with two side sections to keep shape, these feature a scary spooky field of corn and grain at a farm with a Scarecrow and a blacked-out house in the background with an Orange sky to set the mood of a horrifying night, this wall decoration set would pair excellently with our Zombie, Clown, Vampire or Scarecrow Costumes for Men, Women, and Children, for more decorations to go along with the Field theme there are some creepy carnival items to add from Spider lurking in the field to Rats jumping out at you from the bushes, there are balloons with scary pumpkin faces and old willowing trees but if you want to make everyone freaked out when they arrive then I would suggest a Creepy Hanging Girl wearing white as a ghost or a possessed soul.

3 – The Goonies

For those who love The Goonies Movie, you can enjoy a Halloween Party with this set of The Goonies, which features cutouts with Iconic quotes and a centerpiece for your table, with these items you will be able to create a scary but wonderful Pirate and The Goonies related Halloween Party these Items pair excellently with any pirate themed costumes and decorations to build the Galleon Pirate Ship that is in the Cave which the Six children find in the movie.

4 – Horror Movies

For a Simple and yet scary party you can Make your own little Nightmare on Elm Street or a little Camp Crystal Lake this Halloween, with many items from costumes to life-like decorations to add to this set of Horror Movies there are signs which sets the scene for either Camp Crystal Lake or Elm Street which would spook anybody who sees it as they would know Elm Street has Freddy Kruger and just seeing the posters of Nightmare of Elm Street I get shivers and your party guests would too or any Trick or Treaters who come to your Door, included are Posters from IT and a Bloodied Grave Stone with Jason Voorhees Name on it, there are amazing decorations as well as spooky costumes, for example, there are two excellent ones that would fit nicely with these Horror Movie Items which are Clown outfit for IT and Field of Screams.

5 – IT Chapter 2

Those who like a Scary party with Clowns can Make their own Chapter with this set of IT Chapter 2 there are many faces and shadows of the most terrifying clown out there Pennywise which would spook anybody who sees them as they would know of IT even seeing these I get a few shivers and your party guests would too including any Trick or Treaters who comes to your Door, included are balloon shaped cutouts with the words ‘Time to Float’ and ‘Come Home’ on them including a shadow of IT saying ‘Come Home’ with another holding a Balloon as well as a picture and a house with ITs Heros The Losers shadows, there are amazing decorations as well as some costumes that are perfect for this Halloween Party Idea which are Clown outfits for the creature from IT and Creepy Carnival; setting.

We hope that we have helped you and Inspired you to make your own Perfect spooky Halloween Party with these Decorations and more, if you would like more Ideas I may suggest that you take a look at our Halloween Range on our site. We look forward to seeing what you have by sharing your Spooky Halloween Parties with us by Tagging our Social Media channels buyfromhomeuk.

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