Having AC Problems? Reasons by HVAC Contractors in Athens GA

Having AC Problems

Many people think that issues with an HVAC system installed in a residential and commercial building are different. Some of the reasons for the problems mentioned by the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA are the same, but a few can be different. It is important to understand that sometimes the causes of problems might be other, but the solution can be the same.

Reasons for AC Issues Explained by HVAC contractors in Athens GA

Clients should understand that after installing the HVAC system in residential and commercial properties, they should be prepared for air conditioning failure. The malfunction can include the HVAC has completely stopped functioning, inadequate cooling, and short cycling. The reasons for malfunctioning are discussed in detail in the points below.

Things Around the House Increase in Number

It has to be noted that a room with less furniture will cool and heat quickly. The more things in a room will affect the efficiency of the HVAC system. If there is a lot of furniture and stuff on the property, homeowners should install a heavier HVAC system.

The HVAC Unit has Become Outdated

A major explanation for the development of HVAC problems is that the unit has outlived the average lifespan. The HVAC repair company in Athens, GA, will apply different services including repairs, replacement, and reinstallation to overcome this problem.

Not Hiring an HVAC Repair Company in Athens GA

A major mistake is that homeowners don’t hire HVAC contractors. If the companies are hired, the clients might not consider the contractor’s qualities when hiring. The qualities of a good contractor should include experienced staff, the availability of the right tools, and offering the best services.

The Indoor Unit Ducts and Vents are Blocked

Sometimes objects and furniture are accidentally placed in front of the vents and air ducts. This will obstruct the airflow in the room. Also, it might put pressure on the HVAC unit and increase the electricity and gas bills. So, it is important to keep the vents and air ducts unblocked.

Fluctuation in the Temperature

Often the temperature doesn’t remain the same throughout the day as it keeps on fluctuating. If you keep the HVAC setting at the same temperature, then it might affect the unit’s efficiency. It has been suggested by HVAC contractors, including Superior Air Management, to adjust the temperature according to the weather outside.

The Humidity has Increased

An increase in the water vapors will boost the level of humidity. The HVAC system might not work if the humidity level is higher. It has been recommended to keep the humidity level at sixty percent to keep the property comfortable.

Heat Created from Other Appliances

Homeowners should understand that an appliance can omit extreme heat. This can affect the HVAC’s efficiency. They can experience this when they are standing next to an appliance. Clients should keep the appliance’s usage to a minimum so the HVAC system can work properly.

Air Escapes the Cracks

If the building lacks proper insulation, the cold or hot air will escape through the cracks and holes. Clients can first hire an inspection service to examine the house carefully. Then decide whether to hire maintenance, repair, or replacement service.

Mechanical Issues with the Outdoor Unit

The weather can be the main reason the HVAC outdoor unit creates problems. Strong winds can cause debris to fly and hit the outdoor unit. Rain and snow can penetrate inside and damage the mechanical parts. The area around the outdoor unit should be cleaned and maintained.

Wrong Selection of HVAC Unit

The AC unit must be selected by considering some factors. These include the number of rooms in a building, the property size, the windows’ positioning, and the type of system. Another important point is that the HVAC system might be improperly installed. This issue can develop if the installation staff is untrained and doesn’t have the right tools.

The HVAC Unit has not been Upgraded

Another reason for issues developing, according to the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, is that the system hasn’t been upgraded, cleaned, or maintained in quite a while. Property owners should hire HVAC services to ensure the units are up to date.

The clients should immediately contact HVAC service providers if any of the problems mentioned above arise.

Below are three questions that will further explain the reasons behind the HVAC unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you diagnose HVAC problems?

The HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will inspect the circuit breaker, thermostat, and air filters for clogging and thoroughly inspect the indoor and outdoor units for mechanical issues.

What is HVAC failure?

When the HVAC unit is not giving too much air or the air circulation is limited to a specific area of the room or house, you can say that the HVAC unit has failed.

How many years does a HVAC last?

A good HVAC unit lasts up to fifteen years, but this lifespan can be increased if proper maintenance is done. 

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