Solve Pump Issues Before Hiring Pool Closing Services

Pool Closing Services

The swimming pool pump can be considered the heart because it circulates water. Another purpose of the pump is that it purifies water from debris to keep the swimming pool clean. But when problems occur in the pool pump, it might malfunction. So, when homeowners hire pool closing services, they might know about different issues faced by the pump.

Pump Issues Explained by Pool Closing Services Companies

Homeowners should understand that a swimming pool pump will last up to fifteen years and even more if it is taken care of properly. Some people don’t bother to look into the signs ad causes of a pump having issues. Below are the reasons explained as to why swimming pool pumps have problems.

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The Swimming Pool Pump Has Frozen

Winter is approaching, and it brings with it chilly weather that can freeze the water. When water freezes, it expands nine percent more than its original mass and can harden the pump surface. This can cause pump cracks, causing the swimming pool pump to leak.

Pump Motor Drowned Under the Water

During a storm, you might experience flooding that can result in the submergence of the swimming pool pump in water. There will be no effect of water on the pump if it is submerged in water for a day or two. But leaving the pump for more than three to four days will mechanically damage the pump.

The Pump is Running Dry

Sometimes the pump can run dry, meaning it is blocked and no water passes through the system. This is an indication that the system needs a pool cleaning before seasonal pool closing. If you hear loud noises coming from the pump, it means the debris is stuck and obstructing the pump’s working.

Debris Trapped in the Motor

There can be two situations developing; the first one is explained in detail in the point above, that the pump could run dry. In the second situation, debris in the form of weeds, bushes, and leaves can trap moisture. The water around the pump can damage the exterior.

Improper Seasonal Pool Closing Services

When you forget to hire swimming pool closing companies like Clear Tec Pools, debris can gather in the water, which can cause most of the pump problems mentioned in this article. So, you should hire the best contractor for pool cleaning and seasonal closing..

Air Circulation is Improper

Debris stuck in the swimming pool pump can also block air circulation. This can cause the equipment to heat up and start to malfunction. Also, keeping the pump and filter in the sun will dry up the moisture, thus stopping air circulation.

The Wrong Pump Size Installed

The pump size should be selected according to the size of the swimming pool and how frequently people will swim in it. If you have installed the wrong pump size, then the pressure of the water will be inappropriate, and the water will be dirty all the time.

The Power Supply is Interrupted

The power supply could be interrupted if your pool pump is not working properly. There can be two reasons for this issue. The first one is that the right voltage is not reaching the pump. The second reason is that the quality of the wiring is poor.

The Presence of Insects in the System

Insect infestation will negatively affect the pump, including wire damage that can cause a short circuit and malfunctioning of the pump system. To save the pump, you can add insecticide as a part of the swimming pool closing service to the water.

Pump Buried Under the Snow

You can also experience heavy snow in the winter, which can also cause issues. The pump will not have any air to breathe under the heavy snow. This will stop the air circulation or trap the moisture inside; both are dangerous for the pump.

External Damage due to Falling Debris

Heavy winds will cause tree branches to fall on the pump and damage it externally as a storm approaches.

These are the pump issues companies provide a pool maintenance service in Hoschton explain.

Below are the questions that will explain the pump issues and their solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my pool pump is damaged?

When you notice these signs in the pump, explained by pool closing services companies, it means that it is having issues.

1.       Weird noises are constantly coming from the pool pump.

2.       Water is leaking from the system.

3.       The repairs do not affect the pump.

4.       The Swimming pool pump is experiencing short cycling.

Can a pool pump motor be repaired?

Sometimes the swimming pool pump issues are so intense that the equipment must be replaced. But the mechanical seal and pump bearings can be easily repaired.

What is the average life of a pool pump?

A swimming pool pump can last from nine to fifteen years. The lifespan can increase or decrease if you take care of the pool pump.

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