How can you make your hotel rooms a safer and cleaner place for your guests?

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With the advent of the Covid-19, people are much more focused on sanitization and hygiene. Hotels are facing the effects of this as the travel was stopped, which led to fewer hotel stays. Also, due to hygiene issues, many people are now avoiding staying at hotels. It makes it essential that every owner should make their hotel a hygienic and safe place for the guests. It needs to increase their confidence that they are staying in a clean place and not someplace where they can get infected.

Al the travel industry is slowly opening up; the hotel stays are seeing a surge too. People are still skeptical, but this needs to be dressed by the hotels with better protocols. As an owner, you need to adopt better hygiene and safety protocols. It will help in the safety of the employees and the guests too. It can be just regular sanitization or buying ozone generators; everything should be done keeping in mind the safety of people. You need to take up several methods and take out some activities from the regular operations of your hotel to ensure that the guests feel safe.

Following are some crucial measures you can take to achieve this:

Ensure social distancing

It is one of the measures that effectively help in controlling the virus. You need to train and instruct your staff to maintain contact with the guests to a minimal amount. It will help keep them safe and also increase the confidence of the people. Things lie the breakfast and dinner hall needs to be monitored. You can allow only a few people at one time or just send them food to the rooms. Either way, it will help keep the crowding to a minimum.

Sanitize before and after the guests

You need to sanitize a room before thoroughly and after the guests come in or leave. It is non-negotiable, and you need to adopt this into the hotel’s normal operations. Invest in safety equipment and materials for the same. You can find a reputed ozone generator dealer and get some for your hotel. It will get rid of the virus and all the other odors too.

Not just the rooms but spaces like the restaurant, halls, staircases need sanitization too.

Make masks compulsory

You cannot allow people into the hotel without wearing masks. They should wear it at all times when they are inside the hotel and in public places. Make it a rule for the guests and the employees too. Ensure that it is followed and nobody gets away with it.

You need to enforce it with the guests, too, as it will lead to their own safety in the end.

Train your staff for the new rules

You need to communicate and listen to your staff for implementing new rules. They are the ones that would be handling the guests at all times. So, it is essential that they should have a say in the rules. Los, train them to follow the guidelines and ensure that they are safe from the virus too.

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