How Stockal Helps You Invest in Google from India

Google needs no introduction. Alphabet Inc, better known by the former, Google (GOOGL), has a deep moat. It controls more than 90% of the worldwide search engine market share. From $7 bn in net sales in 2010 to $76 bn in 2021, Google has consistently been a multiplier of investors’ wealth. And the best thing is, the company is showing no signs of stopping. 

After knowing all these incredible stats, the question of how to buy Google shares in India might pop into your head. We’ll be addressing it in this blog. But before that, it’s important to share why investing in Google is a value proposition and how long-term investment in Google can change your life. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Why You Should Invest in US Stocks from India

Before we discuss how to buy Google stocks from India, let us first try to understand why Indian investors fancy buying international stocks. One of the primary reasons to invest in US stocks from India is to ride the growth the US market has to offer. Also, there’s a chance of extra profit due to the depreciating Rupee value against the Dollar.

Investing in US stocks also takes care of geographical diversification in the portfolio. You can remove country risk from the equation when you’re well diversified beyond political boundaries. The US stock market has been a well-developed and transparent source of stock picking. 

As the global equity market leaders, US stock exchanges have stocks of all the latest and greatest companies on offer. Google is one of the most prominent names on the list of bluest of blue chip stocks on the US stock market.

Why Investing in Google Makes Sense? 

Alphabet Inc is arguably one of the greatest offerings in the US market. The company has a monopoly in the global search engine segment. The management of Alphabet has closed off some great acquisition deals over the years. Like buying YouTube back in 2006 for just $1.65 billion. 

As the firm keeps expanding its products and services, Indian investors can cash in on Google’s capability to generate revenue through advertising. Alphabet has three different types of shares. Class A shares (GOOGL) and Class C shares (GOOG) are traded in stock exchanges, Class B shares are privately owned by the founding group and directors. 

Now let’s explain in simple pointers why investing in Google makes sense:

  • From listing at $50 a share back in 2004, Google’s Class A share price soared to reach $1125 in 2019. That means over 40X return in just 15 years if we consider the 2014 stock split. 
  • Google has a formidable moat that only a handful of companies hold in the world. Google has been enjoying a competitive advantage in a sector with a high entry bar.
  • With over 3.5 billion searches done daily, nobody is near Google in terms of getting internet traffic. With such volumes of traffic, Google gets a lot of user data that can be used in multiple applications. 
  • The main business of Google, which generates nearly 90% of the company’s income, is online advertising via Google AdSense and Google AdWords. This is a consistent profit driver for the company
  • Other than internet searches, the tech company has invested in various areas such as artificial intelligence, healthcare, mobile phones and autonomous cars.

To sum up, Google has a distinct advantage over its rivals and has multiple ways of earning humongous profits consistently year after year. 

How Stockal Helps Indians Invest in Google?

Indians can purchase Google stocks through the LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme) route, approved by RBI. According to this scheme, the upper limit of investment for Indians in the US market is $250,000 per year. 

If you wish to buy Google stocks, you can easily do it on a trusted website like Stockal. The user-friendly interface of Stockal makes it quite easy to invest by following these simple steps:

  • Download the app and create your account 
  • Complete the KYC and LSR formalities
  • Transfer funds to begin investing
  • Decide the investment amount and purchase your Google stocks

In addition, Stockal allows you to easily invest in 5000+ global companies (like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft etc.) simultaneously. Stockal also lets you take the indirect route to invest in US stocks from India. You can invest in handpicked mutual funds and ETFs that are primarily focused on US tech stocks. 

With Stockal, investing in US stocks is a breeze. By doing the KYC process once, you can buy anything from undervalued stocks to curated stacks. So if you’re looking for the best platform to invest in Google from India, Stockal is your best bet. Now let’s learn what makes Stockal special. 

Perks of Investing in Google Through Stockal

With Stockal, investing in global equity markets will neither be expensive nor tedious. Committed to making investment simple, smart and secure for all, Stockal has 280,000 happy users accumulated over the years. Here’s why Stcokal is the best platform for Indians who want to successfully invest in the global stock market: 

Competitive Brokerage Rates- Stockal has a competitive brokerage charge and other charges in-line with the industry standards. With Stockal, you’ll never be overcharged for your trades.

No Account Minimums- There is no lower limit on the amount you want to invest. Stockal believes no trade is unimportant, no matter how small the trade value is. 

Dollar-based Investing- Stockal has tie-ups with US-based brokerage firms. This enables Stockal to accept funds in Rupees while converting it to dollars before investing. 

Easy Compliance- The customer onboarding procedure is completely digitalized, making compliance extremely easy for investors like you.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind 

There are some basic things that you need to keep in mind when buying stocks of Google or investing in any kind of stocks abroad: 

  • Always invest with the help of a trustworthy platform/ app like Stockal
    • Never shy away from spending time on due diligence and proper research
  • Keep in mind the currency exchange rate 
  • Make sure your portfolio is a balanced one
  • Avoid over-diversifying by purchasing too many stocks at one time

Also, ensure you know the tax implications you’ll face for investing outside of India. For US stock market investment, your dividend income will be taxed in the US, while your short term and long term gains will be taxed in India. Due to the Double Taxation Agreement between the US & India, you’ll never be taxed twice for the same income. 

The Takeaway

We may conclude by saying that investing in any stock, including Google, should be based on diligent research and analysis. While dreaming of the impressive rewards, you must not forget about the possible risks associated with investing in the stock market. Since going public, Alphabet has had its fair share of strange business decisions and investment choices. 

As we explained how to buy Google share in India, you must be pumped up to start your investment in Google. With Stockal , you, too, can become an investment expert and start betting in the global stock market. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and dive into the exciting world of investing using Stockal!

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