How to Choose the Right Skylight Shades for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Skylight Shades for Your Home

Skylights are always an attractive feature for residential property owners. The very idea of sunlight pouring in through the transparent skylight will excite you. But the excitement can be short- living as you may not like the continuous glare of the sun, not to forget the harmful UV lights. 

The best solution is to get some good shades for the skylights that will allow you to enjoy the natural light as and when you like, without the frustration of “being under the sun” all the time.

Types of shades available

Most of the shades for skylights are customized structures that will fit the precise dimensions of the skylight. The shades are available in a variety of types that usually determine the effectiveness of the shades. 

1. Honeycomb shades

This is the popular most option available with the sellers of the shades. If you want the most effective skylight window treatment, then the cellular design of the shades will be appropriate for offering a greater layer of insulation over the skylights. 

  • You will get interesting customization options if you approach the top-rated manufacturers and installers.
  • A motorization system can be an integral part of the shades, leading to the convenience of the users. 
  • And none of the options can beat these shades in terms of aesthetic appeal. 

If you want a stylish shade to cover up the skylights, here is the one. 

2. Light blocking shades

The densely made shades are ideal for completely darkening the room. This is ideal when you want complete darkness even on most sunny days. Needless to say, these will always add to the energy- efficiency of the space. 

3. Vertical blinds

If you want a unique style of covering for the skylights, then you can always go for the vertical shades. As motorization will be possible in these shades too, you can transform the space into a smart home. 

4. Honeycomb-within-honeycomb shades

The shade is as interesting as it sounds. This will be your primary option when your focus is on two factors:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Insulation

The additional layer of fabric present in this type of shade along with the insulating air pockets create the best style for making your residential space the most energy-efficient home. 

Consider your requirements

But buying the shades for covering up the skylights will be a considerably expensive affair. Hence, you should decide and finalize your requirements before selecting the skylight shadesHere are the factors that you should always consider before hitting the market if you really want to buy suitable shades. 

Factor #1: Expected appearance

So how would you like to envision the house after the installation of the shades? If the appearance of the fabric is too boring, it can ruin the entire look and feel of the house. 

Honeycomb shades are usually the top preference of homeowners as the structured form along with the perfectly uniform pleats always help in enhancing the look of the space. 

Factor #2: Innovations

If you always look forward to installing something unique at your home. Look for the manufacturers who are trying to introduce innovation in the present structures. Once you know that the innovative shades with motorization can be the focal point of your home, it will be worth investing. 

Factor #3: location of the skylight

So, where is this skylight present in your home? The direction of installation or the nature of the roof will influence the type of material or nature of shade that you will buy.

Factor #4: Function 

Are you using the skylight for ventilation? Can you open or close the skylight? Does it slide open or do you have to use a hand crank? All these are critical factors to consider when you are finding yourself the retractable shades. 

Factor #5: Size and shape

The dimensions of the skylight will play a significant role in the choice of shade. 

  • The nature of the shade will differ between the ones for solid pane glass skylights and the ones where more than one glass pane is present.
  • If there is some special design element, you need to customize the shade accordingly.

The shades will always provide a soothing effect and make your house an energy-efficient structure.

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