Having your own home is a dream and when that dream comes true you don’t want to turn it into a nightmare just because of your interior design not going well or your home decor resulting as a disappointment. So, here are some tips for you to look into before you start with your interiors.

  • Consider all the surfaces while doing your home interiors. Floors, walls, ceilings, you don’t need to leave a surface untreated. You should try to have a visual language from the pattern on your floors to the color of your walls and finally what is happening in the ceiling. If you are a person that loves extravaganza then you should never back out from decorating the ceiling with a bright chandelier. Also, keep in mind to tint your ceiling a shade up than that of your walls so when the eyes are drawn up it looks in place.
  • The visual impact of wallpaper is a bar none to paint. So if you are considering the idea of getting wallpaper done all over your living room then it might just turn out to be one of the best decisions for your home. You can either choose a beautiful neutral-toned wallpaper that is textured and glimmers when the light hits it or a bold and dark wallpaper that counters the ceiling.
  • One other way to make your house look modern or sophisticated is to spend your time on layer lightning. All of us have normal overhead lighting with a bulb or two in every room but it is about time you start finding a nice shimmering chandelier along with some unique side bulbs, pendant fixtures, and table lamps. The idea is to have your eye travel around the room and let it land and rest on the surfaces that you intend the viewer into.
  • Always be careful about what type of windows and doors you choose for your home and also the wood you choose for your windows. Take your time in doing so because once the installation is done it will be the worst option to get them taken down. Make sure they go with your theme perfectly.
  • A very suggested way to make your room, mostly living room cozier is to create more seating groups rather than just arranging your couch sets. So when you are buying your furniture for seating buy one-seater and unique chairs. The concept is to create smaller seating groups and little zones for people to sit based on the conversation areas that you want to design.
  • Nothing screams wealth than a large unique statement art piece on your focal wall but that doesn’t mean people who aren’t crazy rich cannot install art pieces in your homes, the whole proposition is to bring the curiosity out of people. It is proven in a study that having an art piece in your home helps break the ice between new people and yourself easily because the art can be a conversation starter. Even if you make a canvas splashed with lavender paint over it in your living room it’s still going to attract eyes.
  • Never forget your kitchen tiles, they need to be earthy tones like brown, grey, ash, etc. until and unless you have a vision of a vibrant kitchen with bright colored tiles. The tiles make the space look tidy and also remember to get glossy tiles because they will turn matte in the long run and it would be easy for you to renovate.

We sincerely hope the suggestions and tips in the article helped you decide on one or two things for your decor. Be careful with what you choose and don’t forget your mask while doing the shopping!

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