How to Use Kratom Powder in Delaware for Opioid Withdrawal?

If you think kratom is just another fad, think again. This humble herb from Southeast Asia shows promising results in opioid withdrawal. And this has brought kratom into the good books of rehab specialists. They are looking to use this herb to help addicts withdraw from opioids successfully and comfortably. 

Kratom powder in Delaware is popular not only among people on the journey to de-addiction but also among non-drug users. Kratom and opioid drugs target the same brain receptors – kappa, delta, and mu. Opioids cause a high, so does kratom. The only difference is that kratom is not notorious for being as severely addictive as opioids. 

On the contrary, it is found to relieve symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Now, this is excellent news for people who wish to De-addict from opioids. According to drug addiction specialists, when the symptoms subside, the kratom dose is tapered off. 

Types of kratom suited for managing opioid withdrawal

The following kratom strains are best for managing symptoms of opioid withdrawal. You can easily get them at a kratom shop near you. 

1. Bali 

One of the most revered strains of Kratom, Bali is the top choice for opioid withdrawal. This one is an analgesic and harbors sedative qualities. It can help a person sleep better. Insomnia is one of the withdrawal symptoms of opioids. Taking Bali powder such as Red Bali Kratom Powder just before hitting bed can do wonders for your sleep. 

2. Maeng Da

This strain is famous for inducing euphoria and energy. People experiencing anxiety, depression, and fatigue as symptoms of opioid withdrawal can benefit from this strain. 

To order both Bali and Maeng Da strains, simply search for “kratom near me”.

3. Sumatra red vein

This strain is found to effectively subside opioid cravings, which can be intense in addicts during withdrawal from the drug. 

4. Green Malay

Green Malay is known to create a strong euphoric effect, which helps to enhance the mood of an addict during withdrawal treatment. Anxiety and restlessness are also withdrawal symptoms. The kratom strain helps the person relax and calm down. Besides, this strain is a good analgesic. 

5. Green Thai

One of the unpleasant symptoms of opioid withdrawal is decreased sex drive or sexual dysfunction. Green Thai kratom can help you deal with this symptom.

Delaware kratom shops offer all strains of kratom. Choose one that suits your needs. 

Dose of kratom for opioid withdrawal

According to experts, if you are using kratom powder, begin with 2 grams at a time. This should be enough to appease your symptoms. If not, go upto 4 or 5 grams, but not more than this at a time. 

People who use kratom extracts should be more careful because extracts are concentrated forms of alkaloids. A dose of 75-100mg two times a day is found to be effective. Take it for a week and you will find the symptoms subside. Once this happens, taper off the dose. 

People with severe addiction may need to take higher doses of kratom, maybe upto 10 grams of powder at a time. Remember, never go beyond 10-15 grams at a time. You can use upto 30 grams of powder per day, never more than that.

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