Importance of factory Audit and the right way of it

factory Audit

When you are dealing with oversee the company and looking forward to having your necessary goods from such companies, proper inspection is mandatory and it should be done right. This process is important for the different manufacturing units. Importers, retailers and even buyers want to have a high standard of confidence when it comes to reliability, production capacity and quality of their suppliers and vendors. Developing or identifying the vendors who are according to these standards is always a challenge. If the suppliers and vendors fail to give you the promised standard in quality, your products can be rejected at the time of the final product or even in the different stages of inspection.  You can lose your reputation in the international market.

In such a situation, a factory audit is the best way to ensure quality. This is actually a tailor-made program. This program is important to assess the quality system of the facility, checking out the capabilities as per the client’s standard. This checking is significant to ensure that your suppliers and vendors are capable of taking specific orders according to your requirements.

This type of audit ensures that the supplier or the vendor you are dealing with can produce and design according to your requirements. It ensures that an existing and new manufacturer is ready to deliver quality products, can make several improvements and make efficient operations. A yearly inspection determines whether the products are made in the right environment by maintaining the right standard. It examines the structure of the company, manufacturing unit, process they are using, experience in the field etc. This type of auditing can help you to compare all the potential suppliers and can help you to select a viable source.


It is all about establishing the right quality management system for all the manufactured products and preparing documents that need to be checked on the site. The company needs to conduct a proper internal audits and systematic management review. This checking is much important to take further corrective actions that may address all the identified gaps before going for the final audit.

Many companies offer technical audits by visiting the factory sites of all the vendors and the manufacturing unit. It can enable the manufacturer to understand the needed quality management system, improve the quality and reach their goal of “zero complaints”. It helps them produce the products according to the required standard. Skilled auditors follow the checklist specified by the company and can make the checklist as per the requirements of the company. They offer a complete report of evaluation with all needed data. They offer gap analysis and the primary audit. As per the given report, one can take all the corrective action and can improve the quality beforehand. But to have a reliable evaluation, you need to have a reliable team of auditors. They are well-trained and technically sound to find out even a small flaw and can guide the manufacturer to rectify the issue right way with the best effort and method.

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