Important Things Security Guards Must Have 


There is no doubt in saying that the job of security guards is quite challenging. They put their lives in danger just to protect others. When on duty, they never know what threat they may have to face, which makes it paramount for them to stay attentive on duty, and hence, they can’t take a break. Additionally, they may even need safety tools and equipment to handle worse situations. So, it is important for security guards to have all the essentials in place for their safety.

If you are also a security guard, then this post is exclusively for you. In this article, you will learn all things you need to carry along when leaving home for duty. Never miss even a single item from the essentials mentioned below in order to deal with undesired occurrences. In case you think that you can’t remember everything, then make a list of essentials on your phone and make sure to check it every time before going on duty.

8 Security Guard Must-Haves 

Flashlight – Going to a suspected room/area where there is no enough lighting can be dangerous. For this reason, it is crucial for security professionals to have a flashlight in their vehicles. And if you have to work at night, then forgetting a flashlight is not the option as it is the only source that can make things visible at night.

Bulletproof vest – If you don’t want to put your life at stake, then make sure to carry a bulletproof vest along. It provides protection against bullets and stabs and prevents you from injuries. However, make sure to buy your body armor from a trusted and reputed source. Additionally, if you work in a high-risk area, then have a bulletproof helmet too. If the criminal attacks, your crucial body parts will stay safe.  

Boots – Wearing the right pair of boots on duty is mandatory. It will become easy for you to move around, and you will not get tired if you invest in a good pair of boots. Try searching for shoes with a quality rubber sole that is durable and waterproof.

Uniform – If you wear the proper uniform on duty, criminals will stay away from the place, knowing that security professionals are present at the location. Moreover, people present at the site will feel safe on noticing a well-dressed security guard on duty.

Communication devices – In order to report any suspicious activity to your team members or people inside the building, having properly functioning communication devices is mandatory. Have a fully charged mobile phone and a well-performing two-way radio with you all the time when on duty.

Security license – Whenever going for duty, carry your security license along. It is because sometimes you may have to show proof of your job to police officers; especially, when you go for reporting some criminal act to the professionals.

Gloves – Heavy duty gloves will let you have a better grip on the defensive weapons. Plus, if it is cold outside, gloves will protect your hands.

Defense weapon – To defend yourself from the attack of a criminal, have a defense weapon such as a knife or gun. 

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