Important Wine-Storage Tips You Need to Know

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Don’t you want to store your precious wine bottles safely? If you love wine and have some exquisite wine collections, you must want to store it with the utmost care. The bottles that you’re not going to drink right away need proper care. This is because wine is delicate and its bottles are quite fragile. Whether you have fine wines or you buy wines to mature, it is important to know the proper storage method. A slightest mistake in storing wine may result in turning your delicious liquor into vinegar. 

Now you may wonder how to protect your dear wine bottles. When it comes to storing wine at home, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow. To make sure that your wine always tastes its best, here is the right way of storing your wine bottles. 

Low Temperature

The first and most important consideration is temperature. Heat and wine don’t go together. Excessive heat will only deteriorate wine. You must store wine at the right temperature which is between 45° F and 65° F (55° F is often considered as the perfect temperature). Basically, the temperature should remain between freezing and room temperature. It is also noteworthy that even too low temperature is not desirable. Wine should not be allowed to freeze. It is best to get proper wine cooling system because it comes with manuals and instructions to set the right temperature and maintain consistency. 

Store at Dark Place 

Make sure your wine bottles are not exposed to sunlight. Direct light exposure is not suitable for long-term storage. The sun’s UV rays can ruin wine and may result in premature aging. Wine is usually stored in colored glass bottles because it works like sunglasses for wine. However, the lights in your house, especially incandescent bulbs don’t damage the wine. 

Check Humidity

You need to maintain the ideal humidity level in your wine cellar. If the air in your wine cellar lacks the required amount of moisture, the cork may dry out. The perfect level of humidity is around 60-70 percent. An easy way to maintain desired humidity is by placing a bowl of water in your storage area. You can also buy a humidifier to ensure the right level of humidity. But if you live in a cold region, possibly you don’t have to face a dry air problem. 

Keep the Bottles Horizontally

The position of storing wine bottles is also important. It is recommended that bottles should be placed sideways. If you’re planning to store wine for a longer time, place them in a horizontal rack to keep their quality intact. The wall-mounted metal wine racks are perfect for storing wine bottles as it keeps the liquid up against the cork and prevents the cork from drying out. Also, metal wine racks floor to ceiling is space-efficient. Moreover, if you don’t want to harm your wines, make sure you refrain from shaking the bottles. To store your wine bottles safely, you may consider using metal wine racksorvintage view wine racks as these offer the best protection and also looks great. 

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