Know Everything About Dedicated Hosting India

Dedicated Hosting India

When you use a single server exclusively and you do not have to share the server with anyone else then it is called dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting India is one of the most secure hosting solutions but they are on the expensive side. Moreover, it provides you the complete control of the server and you can easily customize it as per your business needs. You will get multiple features but you have to pay for everything thus it will increase the cost. However, if your website is visited by a lot of people within a short period of time then go for dedicated hosting.

Dedicated servers can be categorized into two categories:

Unmanaged – Unmanaged dedicated server is where you are responsible for managing the server. So you will be responsible for the overall maintenance of the server. You will need a team of experts who will resolve all the issues and help in the smooth functioning of the website.

Managed – Managed dedicated server is where you hire another company that will maintain the server and makes sure it is running flawlessly. You will only be responsible for sharing the information with the company and they will take care of the rest. Generally, managed dedicated hosting India will offer you features like 24X7 support, monitoring, OS update, scanning viruses, filtering spams, etc.

Advantages of choosing dedicated hosting 


The main reason for investing in dedicated hosting is its reliability. You are the chief of the server hence you can control downtime, changes, and upgrades needed. Moreover, you can even predict the maintenance cost.


It is the most secure web hosting server. You are the only person in control of the dedicated server and you can tailor the needs which makes it a highly secure hosting solution.


It does not matter whether you have chosen a managed or unmanaged server, the control is always in your hands. Additionally, you can change the software and improve the service based on your requirements.


Dedicated servers can handle a huge amount of information at any instant of time. Hence you can trust the server for its performance and it will not show you any glitches even if the website witnesses heavy traffic. 

Dedicated server Vs. Cloud server

As cloud hosting solution was introduced in the market, several individuals and business shifted to it. Cloud server saves a lot of space because all the data is stored in the cloud. Specifically, you are saving all the data on the storage available online. You can access the information from any device and from anywhere by logging in. Multiple domains keep their data in the cloud thus it is known as cloud server hosting. The pros and cons of using cloud hosting are.

Pros – 

Cloud consists of multiple servers, in case any of the servers stop working then other servers will take care of it.

Due to the availability of multiple servers, storage extension is also very easy. You can even increase the quantity as per your need.

Cloud server hosting is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting in India.

Cons – 

The cloud server is not trustworthy in terms of security.


Dedicated Hosting India is an advanced hosting solution that is highly secure. However, in terms of cost, it is expensive as compared to traditional hosting. Going with the cloud server has several advantages like you can access your data from anywhere anytime. Additionally, it saves lots of space because all the data is on the cloud. Just find a reliable cloud hosting provider and he will take care of everything.

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