McLaren Falls Can Be Fun For Anyone

The Bay of Plenty boasts some of NewZealand’s finestsun, sand,and sea.Tauranga is a hidden treasurealongthecoastishome to theMauao volcano.The beach, which isaffectionately called”the Mount” by localsoffers watersportsfor those who dare,eventsfor those wholove to be free,and delicious foodand drink forall foodies.

Here’s alist ofthetopactivities to enjoyin Tauranga andthe surrounding Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui, an extinctvolcanic peak, can be seen justacross Tauranga harbour.Mauao,its Maori name, means”caughtin thedawn”so it makes sensetotake advantage of all the beautyitoffers at dawn.There area variety oftrailsto be exploredup the pohutukawa forest. Itusually takes aroundan hour.Although the climb is steep but the topoffers 360degviewsof Tauranga townas well asthe Bay of Plenty coastline.The mountain isflankedby two of New Zealand’s mostbeautifulbeaches,Mount Maunganui Beach and Pilot Bay, making foran incredible viewfromall angles.Enjoy a relaxing sunrise witha deliciousbreakfastpicnic(coffeeis required).

Adventure Water Park – Get Splashed

{}McLaren Fallsadrenaline-fueled thrills tickleyourfancy,take a look atTauranga’sownWaimarino Adventure Park.Take a 10-minute drivefrom thecity’scentre and you’ll findan abundance ofactivitiesset up acrossthe Wairoa River.There’s something foreveryone, including rock climbing wallsand a slide‘n’slide.You should also checkout the Tarzan swing, water trampolineand the’blob’ inflatablethat will take you tothe lake.Waimarino alsooffersevening glowworm Kayak toursinLake McLaren . It’s astranquilas itis .

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Ahiketowaterfalls is an absolute mustduringeveryKiwi summer.Startbygoing toMcLaren Falls Park.It isa 20-minute trekthattakesvisitors through glowworm caves as well as native forestsandothernaturalwonders.There are numeroustracks that pass throughthe190-hectare reserve.Make sure to spenda few hoursexploring.Next up is theKaiate Falls, which aresituated about a 30-minutedriveaway fromTauranga.Continue onthe forestpathuntil youget tothetopof the falls.Then, followthepath down alongthe cascadesuntil you reachtheswimming hole.Take a refreshing dip in the afternooninthe tranquillake.

Take a catamaran outandsail to this uninhibitedparadise

Whakatanecan be reached byashort drive alongthecoastline. From there,you’llembark on an epicdayonacatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island,an area of wildlife conservationlocated offthe Bay of Plenty coast.If you’re lucky,you’llseethe uniquenativeanimals that live on the shore, such asKakariki, Tuatara, fur sealsandpenguins.It is also possible togo snorkelingthroughoutthe island toseethebeautifulmarine life.It is possible tofinish your dayrelaxing on the island’shot water beachorjust loungingon theshoreofyourboat.It’sparadise!

Participate inThe Dream Summer Festival

Are you  reallyaKiwiIf you’ve notspentatthe very leastone summerinBay Dreams?They know how toput ona show. The January 2019show that sold outwas a huge success.Cardi Bheadlinethe stage,performinghitslikeBodak Yellow and wowing anenthusiasticcrowd.Sub Focus, Peking Duk, LAB and Katchafire were among theperformers scheduled to performatthe New Year’scelebrationin 2021.Bay Dreams, Tauranga’s summer destination,is packed witheverything youneed to enjoy a fantastic lineup withglitter anddenim,camping andcamping.

These Stores Are Local!

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga shopping isaboutfinding hidden treasures withinsmall-scaleshops.Those with a design eyeandlove forKiwi-made brands should stop bythe PaperPlaneconcept store,where you’ll find acurated selectionoflifestyle, fashionandhousehold items.For some spontaneity, visitOur Place fora selection of rotatinglocal pop-upsfromjewelry and fashion to art.Our Place Centre is builtfromshipping containers.This centre was designedtooffer low-cost retail spacefor localartisans and entrepreneurs.So you can besure to find one-of-a kindgems.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you lookingtoenjoyluxurious surroundings?You canindulge inthe luxury ofa bohemian picnicthat offers views of the ocean as well asMauao mountain.Bay Picnicsprovideseverything yourequirefor a greatevening,from teepees tolargefluffy pillows.Also, there arefestoon lights and throws.They also offerfoodfrom them, includingplattersmade oflocal,vegan, and rawingredients.The picnic canbemaderomantic byaddingflowers.

Join the Markets

Taurangahas something unique to offerwhen it comes tomarkets on weekends.You cango tothe Little Big Markets every Saturday toseea variety of talented artisansanddeliciousfood.All kinds of foodfrom French crepes torainbow shaved-ice, and locally-madeproducts will be on sale.The Dinner at the Domain is aweeklygatheringthat features the topfood trucks.We are talkingbig paellas and bubble wafflesandsweettreats.We’resalivating over the delicioussnacks on offerat Hello Rosie, a connoisseurof veganfood items.If you prefer todig into afreshfruit,make sure to checkout the Saturdaymarket foramazing seasonal fruits that willamp up any cheese board.

Moturiki Island: Walk to

Yes,you read thatright.It is possible to walk aroundthissmallisland.Thetiny350-metreislandislocated nextto Mount Maunganui and connected viaan elevatedwalkway bridge.When you step onto the island,there is a blowhole whichreleases waterathigh tide.Follow the walking trackupwards and you’ll be greetedwithsweepingviewsof the ocean,as well asMauao and thecity’scoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools: Relax in the Salt Water

Ifunwinding and relaxingis your main goal,then atripto Mount Hot Pools isa must.These pools are knownfor theirhealingeffects andmake you feel rejuvenated.If you’relooking to stepyour luxury, justbook infora private pool, andthat massage you knowyou’re due.

Go toThis Quaint Historic Village

You canstep back in historybystrollingthroughcobbled streets andthe historicvillage .It is easy to spend theday here, withitsmany hidden corners, charming cafes,andeclectic artisans.There are a number ofart studioscan be found, such asImprint Gallery and Turner Gallery.It will guaranteethatthe art lovers aretakenby the staff at.

Enjoy the Delicious Local Foods

Let’sface it, we all lovegoodfood.Taurangaserves delicious foodand drinks thatwillmake you swoon.

Coffeeloversought tomakeGround Zero Coffeean annual stop.It’s the Bay ofPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingup trustyflat whites, as well asIcedcoffee.Ifyou’re looking forsomething sweet,you shouldvisitYo and Co.They arean ice cream shop that specialisesincrepes, waffles and other savoury treats.

The NourishedEatingisan excellentchoice for health-conscious people withsweettooths.The cafeis a plant-basedestablishment thatiscommittedto usinglocal, freshproducts.It also offersdairy-free and gluten-free options.Breakfast is a great option, and you candevour a deliciousWellness Bowl stuffed with herby hash browns,spicytofu,tomato, sprouts, quinoaand coconutTzatziki.There are also specialsweet treats like Nutella orchocolate brownies that are fudgy and double-chocolate, as well ascustard doughnuts fromtheNourishing Baker.

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