Miconex Launches New Prince Edward Island Gift Card Program

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Canada’s Food Island

Miconex, a fintech company based in Perth, Scotland, has recently announced the launch of its new gift card program for Prince Edward Island. The program is designed to promote local businesses and boost the tourism economy. It will be available for purchase at retail locations across the Island and online.

“We wanted to create a product that would allow people to purchase goods and services from local merchants,” says Kent Thompson, director of finance for the Food Island Partnership. “This is a way of stimulating the economy and making sure the local shops and restaurants can get their business going again.”

Miconex will sell the Canada’s Food Island Gift Card at a 20% discount to encourage spending in the local community. This will be done through a partnership with EML Payments Limited. In addition, the card will be accepted by over 150 merchants on Prince Edward Island.

Since its inception, Miconex has launched 40 gift card programs in the UK. The company has also partnered with the Scottish Government on their Scotland Loves Local campaign.

Perth and Kinross

Perth and Kinross is home to some of the best hospitality and retail venues in Scotland. The city boasts designer fashion, hair and beauty salons, and top quality independent shops. It also has some of the country’s most prestigious restaurants and bars.

Miconex, a Perth based company, is the brains behind the Perth Gift Card. Launched in December, the scheme is designed to promote local businesses. You can use the card to shop in a number of participating businesses and purchase the card on a self service basis at a kiosk.

Miconex has been working with the Perth & Kinross Council to launch the scheme. A recent study commissioned by Miconex found that a number of local business associations are keen to take advantage of the scheme. Several councils have already signed up to the scheme, including Crieff Succeeds, Falkirk, Perth, and Stirling.

The company is also promoting a ‘Mi Rewards’ programme that rewards shoppers for spending in the city. In short, customers can earn points for dining, shopping, and other activities, and redeem those points for vouchers or Perth Gift Cards.

Mi Rewards loyalty program

Miconex’s Mi Rewards is a local loyalty program that offers prizes to people who spend their money locally. The rewards include free products, random acts of kindness, and event tickets. It is an excellent way to support local businesses and encourage repeat visits from existing customers.

This loyalty program is part of Miconex’s strategy to make shopping local more appealing. It also helps towns/cities understand their customers and encourages spending in the local economy.

The Mi Rewards program connects businesses to local customers by linking their payment cards with a single API. Once the card is linked, the customer automatically receives rewards and perks for every dollar they spend at participating local businesses.

Mi Rewards is simple to set up. You just need to link your cards and a few minutes are all it takes to start earning points. At this point, you’re automatically entered into a monthly prize draw. In addition, you can get updates from your favourite local businesses.

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